In an announcement the morning of January 14th, Epic Games announced that glider redeploy will be coming back to Fortnite. 

The ability to bring out your glider at any time changes a lot of how Fortnite can be played. Originally a feature in LTM’s like Soaring 50s, glider redeploy made a short stopover in the main game from October 23rd to November 13th, 2018.

Now, glider redeploy is coming back in the form of an item. This will change how the item is used, but not drastically. The item will initially come with ten charges, although Epic has made it clear that is subject to change, and takes up one of the five item spots.

This is obviously a nerf to just having it as an ability, but the item will still be quite popular. During the three-week stretch of glider redeploy being in all game modes, there were people on both sides of the debate.

One on hand, many streamers and pro players were sick of being third partied for out of nowhere. On the other hand, casual players enjoyed the increased mobility and the speed the feature added to the game.

When it was removed, the biggest names in the game rejoiced. Since it’s removal, one of the top replies to many Fortnite posts on Twitter is “like to bring back glider redeploy.” Much like the Infinity Blade and planes, this could be another item that puts the pro community and casual player base at odds.

Quick note: These are not necessarily personal opinions but more possible arguments for and against the feature. Sometimes they may contradict each other because people’s play styles may change how glider redeploy is used. 

With that being said, here are the pros and cons of an itemized glider redeploy:

PROS of Glider Redeploy

  • First and foremost, glider redeploy is fun. This is a game after all and gliding towards opponents with a shotgun is just a quick way to get your heart rate up.
  • Allows players to be more aggressive. Whether that is coming off a hill to engage with an enemy below, getting into a crazy high build war, or waiting longer to fight before rotating; glider redeploy nullifies many reasons people could be hesitant to start and engagement.
  • It opens up more of the map. Right now planes are the leader in the mobility area and a lot of early game fighting centers around places where there is the most plane spawns. Having a different way to get good mobility will be a roundabout way bringing down the power level of planes.
  • Increases skill cap. This point may be controversial. I am in the camp that any new feature adds a new wrinkle that must be played around. While things like original planes and the Infinity Blade may have taken that too far, glider redeploy strikes a nice balance of important to consider but not game-breaking.

CONS of Glider Redeploy

  • Too much mobility. Back when glider redeploy was first implemented, Fortnite didn’t have nearly the options it does now. There were no planes or ziplines but there were rifts. Back when the game started, smart rotations and route planning were key to success, but those skills have largely been replaced now thanks to all the mobility items.
  • Third partying. There are few things in Fortnite as annoying as winning an intense battle and healing up, just to be taken down by someone just joining the fray. Glider redeploy allows players to third party from further distances and could stop people from entering engagements at all.
  • Only some players have it. When glider redeploy was for everyone, it was easier to play around. Now entering a build battle that goes high without the redeploy item may be a death sentence. When your opponent can glide to the ground at any second, they have an inherent advantage.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Solid takes or interesting perspectives may be brought up into the article here. Are you excited? Annoyed? Did I get everything so so wrong? Tell us below:

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