Fortnite Upgrade Stations are better than ever, but how could Epic improve them even more?

Epic made some substantial improvements to their Upgrade Benches in v11.40. You can now sidegrade an AR into an AK as well as upgrade a rare weapon to an Epic weapon for a reduced material cost.


It seems like the Fortnite Upgrade Stations are just getting started, though. Here are five more improvements that could make them even stronger.

Sidegrading all weapons

Epic Games

This suggestion will almost certainly come to fruition at some point in Fortnite. It seems like Epic is testing the waters with the sidegrading system, which is a wise way to start.

Right now, you can only sidegrade an AR to an AK and vice versa. Epic will probably add Burst ARs and Shotguns to the mix as well. Sidegrading a Pump to a Tac or a Tac to a Pump will be a fantastic way to ensure that we all have the loadouts we want.

Upgrading a Fishing Rod

Epic Games

Fishing Rods were completely overshadowed when Epic introduced the Harpoon Gun to Fortnite. Harpoon guns are relatively common and the knowledge that I may find one makes me drop the Fishing Rods that I find.

What if you could upgrade a Fishing Rod to a Harpoon Gun? The material cost should be somewhere in the 200 range, but Epic could tweak the numbers. Either way, the more reliability in the loot pool – the better.

Downgrading for materials

If you can spend materials to get a better gun, then you should be able to downgrade your weapons to receive materials. A lot of players have already suggested this change.

The only reason that Epic may not add this feature is the idea that you can horde materials if you find a lot of high-tier loot. If you land at Risky Reels in solos with no enemies, for instance, and find several Epic weapons that you can’t carry, you’ll walk away with a healthy supply of free materials.

Epic could limit this practice by changing the conversion rate. You should probably get fewer materials for downgrading weapons than the material cost of upgrading them. They could even scale this by team size, similar to the health of Supply Drop balloons.

Upgrading healing/shield items

A high number of Fortnite players have also suggested that we should be able to upgrade Mini Shields for Big Pots and Bandages for Medkits. I don’t know what the material cost should be, but this feature is a no-brainer.

Shields, in particular, can be incredibly difficult to find in Fortnite Chapter 2. Epic limited the effect of RNG across the loot pool, but the biggest difference between life and death is having a healthy supply of shields.

Changing Bandages into Medkits would also be a wonderful quality-of-life improvement. Maybe, Epic could even allow us to sidegrade healing items into shields, but that might be going too far.

Crafting or cloning weapons

This suggestion might be the least likely of the bunch, but it would bring a lot more traffic to the Upgrade Stations. Epic could add the ability to craft and/or clone weapons with the benches.

Crafting a weapon is more realistic than a cloning ability, in my opinion. Those who are running around without a shotgun or AR will likely stop to craft one at an Upgrade Bench.

Likewise, if you’ve only found a Common Pump and your friend has an Epic shotgun, you could pay materials to clone his or her weapon for you to use.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.