As the new season began, The Block left its original location and Risky Reels appeared on the map.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t actually Risky at the new location. For a more comprehensive look at what has happened with Risky appearing on the map but not in the game, here’s that story.

With The Block now taking down The Motel on the coastline between Junk Junction and Lazy Lagoon, Epic keeps shooting themselves in the foot as people clamor for the old familiar landing spot instead of the rotating designs.

Still, the next design on The Block may be worth it. The design was found in the game files complete with the map code and a picture.

Turtle Temple seems to be a great Block design because it looks fun to have engagements on all the crisscrossing stairs while hitting the design elements that make Blocks interesting week-to-week.

Turtles are also just really cool, so high-quality design all around.

If players really want to get a weird edge on their opponents, they could drop into The Block using this island code and figure out some secrets before the map goes live in the game.

Unfortunately, because Epic chooses the spawn points for chests and floor loot, not the creator, that creative map may throw you off more than it actually helps as you go searching for chests that are no longer there.

This map will likely replace the current Block on Monday and will be added to our rankings of all the best designs on The Block when it rotates out.

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