Fortnite Season 8 added a lot of new things to the game. 

But as far as the pure gameplay goes, there weren’t a ton of changes.

One of the best random new changes was the addition of a marker that helps judge distances.

Possibly taking a cue from Apex Legends, the marker allows players to communicate and strategize better.

When using a sniper the marker has another use. Thanks to the distance markings on the sniper scope, and the fact that all the snipers now have the exact same bullet drop, hitting headshots has never been easier.

This post from Hunter079 shows what the marker will look like and where someone should be aiming.

You can use new marker system to estimate bullet drop from FortNiteBR

So in this example a player would place the marker, get an approximate distance and then move the scope up to the head of the opponent is just under the first long line on the scope.

Especially with the new changes in audio sounds, snipers need to be more accurate with their first shot as that can often be the only clean shot they get a chance at.

With this change and also the patch in Season 7 that gave all snipers the exact same bullet drop, it is clear that Epic is trying to buff snipers going forward.

Right now the Heavy Sniper is likely the most powerful as it can easily break down structures but all snipers are at least solid in capable hands.

How do you feel about this change? Do you feel like sniping in Fortnite needed a buff?

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