With so much money on the line in competitive Fortnite, pro players are looking for any edge they can gain. 

The investment in new gear for an aspiring professional is often worth it just to level the playing field.

While the gear certainly isn’t the main thing driving success, it’s still important.

Prosettings.net analyzes professional players in a variety of esports and recently created an infographic showing what 220 Fortnite pros are using to play the game.

Here’s what they found:

Credit: Prosettings.net

While they do a good job of highlighting some of the interesting data in this list through the fun facts, there are some other insights worth mentioning.

Many gaming accessories companies offer the full gambit of headphones, keyboards, and mice but some are clearly known for one in particular.

HyperX is primarily a headphone company and has the two leading entries with 25% of the pro Fortnite player base using one of their two models.

Logitech dominates the mouse and keyboard sections because it’s important those two things work together, although mismatching companies isn’t usually a big deal.

The keyboard is the most spread out with only 33% of the player base being represented by the top five products. The next lowest category is 40% and the highest is GPU at 90%.

Nvidia’s Geforce GPUs are far and away the most dominant series of products on this list.

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