Fortnite’s looting can get a little messy, especially in high-octane storm fights or multi-team end-games. This concept could help clear some of this up with a simple change.

Fortnite is a popular game and it’s been doing quite well due to its quick rise to fame and above-average content delivery system, but the cracks have begun to show.

Several gameplay systems require real deep reevaluations to ensure that the game rewards the most skillful players most of the time. Many games have stagnated in the past by attempting to create artificial crutches for lower skilled players.

One of the community’s complaints about the game’s chaotic nature has been focused on the looting.

Materials are an extremely important part of Fortnite whether you play professionally or are just looking to play public matches. Looting materials from dead enemies becomes extremely important to ensure that you have enough materials for end-game.

This ‘Material Bag’ concept seeks to fix these issues in a hassle-free, fair-for-all way.

Concept : Material Bag from r/FortniteCompetitive

This change to material looting would be a key step in making Fortnite less random and, in our opinion, more fun. Randomness leads to annoying, frustrating moments that leave you feeling cheated.

Instead of materials, including the 50/50/50 in Arena modes, being spewed out of targets, they would all combine into the Material Bag pick-up on death.

While the concept does not explicitly state this, we believe the bag should be able to be picked up via radius looting ie. ammo looting. Simply walk near the bag and the materials of the slain opponent are yours in one loot grab.

Fighting is hard enough in Fortnite without the need to worry about killing enemies on flat ground or within a walled-off hut to ensure materials don’t go flying.

This would really help with cleaning up the excesses of chaotic, unstructured gameplay from Fortnite. Nobody likes randomness when it feels completely uncontrollable and receiving rewards from kills in Battle Royale should be consistent.

It’s a nice, elegant change that would help out in both the casual and competitive scenes.

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  1. This will actually help me. I am a rare season 2 noob where i go crazy in high-octane situations. If my team dies in the storm, i could go in there, lose about 7 health, and get 150 mats to build with.

  2. How exactly would this solve the issues? All it seems to do is make it so you walk less in order to auto pick up materials. How exactly does that just remove any chaos or randomness?


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