It seems that the Ghost Portal – the latest challenge based item – is actually the first back bling in Fortnite to interact to a player’s kill count in a Battle Royale match.

The Ghost Portal back bling was recently discovered to actually glow more and give the player a large trail while moving as they gained more kills with it equipped. It is the first back bling to actually interact to kill count in a game and could spell out good things for the future of Fortnite cosmetics.

The Ghost Portal was leaked a few months ago during the middle of Season 5 as an independent back bling item, without anyone’s knowledge that it would be bundled into a challenge reward item for the Fortnitemares’ 2018 special skin “Skull Trooper”.

Hopefully, we see skins – not just Back Blings – begin reacting to certain features of an in-game match. You can view the video of the Ghost Portal after a player has got 4 kills in a match below. Credit to u/5shadows.

As you can see in the clip, ghosts can be seen leaving the portal, and it might actually change the amount of ghosts based on your kill count. Either way, this is a cool addition.

The Ghost Portal can be unlocked through completing Skull Trooper challenges, or by playing 20 matches this week to quickly unlock the cosmetic. You can read more about it here.

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