Suit up and jump in. The Getaway LTM is back in Fortnite with more free rewards! Check out all of the High Stakes Challenges below.

For the first time since Season 5, The Getaway Limited Time Mode and High Stakes Challenges have returned to Fortnite in a new and improved format.

The LTM generated a substantial amount of hype when it was first released alongside the ‘Wild Card’ skin, which has multiple customizable styles.

In this mode, players will race to find a Jewel and then escape in one of the getaway vans! The first four squads to escape win the Victory Royale!

A new set of High Stakes Challenges have gone live alongside The Getaway Limited Time Mode. These Challenges are available in-game until Tuesday, March 19th, at 9AM ET.

High Stakes Challenges

  • Complete (2) The Getaway Challenges – Rare Crowbar Pickaxe
  • Win a match of The Getaway – Rare Crystal Llama Back Bling
  • Win (3) matches of The Getaway – Rare Crystal Llama (Ruby) Back Bling
  • Win (5) matches of The Getaway – Rare Crystal Llama (Diamond) Back Bling
  • Use a Grappler in (5) different matches of The Getaway – The Getaway Loading Screen
  • Deal (200) damage to Jewel carrying opponents – Uncommon Suited Up Spray
  • Pick up a Jewel in (3) different matches of The Getaway – Rare Cashflow Contrail
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The High Stakes Challenges award a variety of different cosmetic items including a Pickaxe, Back Bling, Loading Screen, Spray, and Contrail.


Crowbar (Rare Pickaxe)

Pry away.


Cash Flow (Rare Skydiving Trail)

Freefall in style.

Are you glad that Epic Games decided to bring The Getaway LTM back to Fortnite after multiple Seasons? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I never got the time to try it out well, so it’s pretty cool that they brought back the challenges and the game mode

    • I only played a few games last time it was out and only completed one challenge. It’s nice to have the chance to earn the pickaxe and trail again

  2. I’m mad because I use the crowbar a lot now it’s back and everyone has it and the challange is different back is season 5 you had to complete all getaway challenges to get it


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