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The Fortnite Guy hits back at Keemstar over “scamming” accusations

The Fortnite Guy responds to Keemstar’s claims that he’s been “scamming” the professional players on his organization, Kungarna.



The Fortnite Guy responds to Keemstar’s claims that he’s been “scamming” the professional players on his organization, Kungarna.

For those who don’t know, The Fortnite Guy (TFG) is a YouTuber who covers Fortnite (duh), the pro scene, drama, and everything going on in the community.

He and the infamous Killer Keemstar occupy surprisingly similar niches on YouTube. Keemstar covers broad topics while TFG focuses on Fortnite – but both traffic in catchy headlines, recognizable faces in thumbnails, and drama in their respective communities.

Recently, The Fortnite Guy has landed himself in a bit of controversy. It all began when he didn’t mention the third-place FNCS team in one of his videos. The internet got mad at him, but it spiraled into something completely different after that.

The momentum of this controversy took people into TFG’s organization, Kungarna, who has signed Fortnite pros who later went on to become stars; people like EpikWhale and UnknownxArmy, who are now both signed to NRG.

Keemstar jumped in on the situation and called TFG a “lowlife scumbag that has basically terrorized the whole Fortnite community with fake news clickbait for over a year.” He followed that up with a leaked screenshot from one of Kungarna’s prospective players.

According to the screenshot, TFG was offering the player a six-month Kungarna contract for $100 a month along with a YouTube editor. In return, the player would offer 30% of their YouTube and Twitch earnings to the organization.

Keemstar and The Fortnite Guy have had their differences in the past – specifically in the FaZe Clan vs. Tfue situation. As TFG outlined in his video, Keemstar sided with FaZe and TFG sided with Tfue.

When it’s put this way, it can seem like TFG and Kungarna may be taking advantage of these players.

The Fortnite Guy clarified on Twitter, saying, “You have 50-2000 followers, would you sign a 6-month KNG contract for $100 a month, a full-time editor, & a full-time designer uploading 3-5 vids weekly for you? If your channel grows and gets monetized in those 6 months you share 30% of the money you make on it Is this terrible?”

Some Fortnite pros and creators like Issa, LeTsHe, Diego criticized the contract while others like Motor and Arab came to TFG’s defense.

Motor may have had the best take on all of this. “If you said you were giving someone with 0-2000 followers a full-time editor + designer for 30% of his ad revenue than no one would have said anything,” he wrote. “Adding the +100 dollars makes you look like a piece of s**t while it’s just a bonus.”

The Fortnite Guy clarified all of this in a follow-up video. He is giving small creators and pro players a YouTube editor, a bit of walking-around money, exposure, and a chance to grow in exchange for a short-term contract and 30% of their ad revenue if they get monetized.

Players like EpikWhale, UnknownxArmy, Jay, and others have gone through this program and went on to sign with big-name organizations like CLG and NRG.

This appears to be a bit of a contrived controversy. The Fortnite Guy has a target on his back because of the content he makes. He’s easily hateable for some people, and they’ll jump on an anti-TFG bandwagon if they see one.

When you combine this with the high-profile Tfue vs. FaZe contract disputes, you get the controversy we have, here.

Kungarna is a small organization that gives players a chance to get noticed by one of the big guys. They aren’t trying to hang onto players for several years into their careers. They aren’t FaZe Clan or NRG, as current Kungarna member, PumpShottyRush, put it on Twitter.

Esports contracts continue to be an issue. Big-name organizations attract young video game talent with the allure of their brand. They sign them to predatory, one-sided contracts that are difficult to break if the player outgrows the organization.

Kungarna is not that. They have open tryouts, offer completely unknown players short-term deals, and freely release their biggest names to explore deals with other orgs.

There are problems in esports, but they don’t apply in this situation. Let us know what you think in the comments and on Twitter.


Fortnite Season 7 brings next-gen visuals to PC

At the start of Season 7, PC players will be able to enjoy Fortnite’s next-gen visuals without buying an Xbox Series X or PS5.



Fortnite next gen visuals pc

When Fortnite launches on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, its graphics surpassed that of PC. Now, PC players can enjoy Fortnite’s next-gen visuals at the start of Season 7.

Fortnite’s next-gen visuals aren’t incredibly breathtaking, but they do add a bit of flair to the game. The storm’s visual effects are different, and there are some pretty cool clouds. However, they’re not anything that would make someone want to spend hundreds of dollars for a new console. The fancy smoke clouds and liquids are impressive, but they don’t add much to the overall gameplay.

Now, players won’t have to buy a new console to enjoy these visual effects. Fortnite’s next-gen visuals were exclusive to consoles, but they’ll soon be coming to PC. Epic Games announced that when Chapter 2 Season 7 launches next week, so will a patch that upgrades PC visuals.


Fortnite on PC gets a next-gen visual upgrade

This upgrade will ramp up the visuals for those who play with “Epic” Quality Presets. According to a press release from Epic Games, “You’ll notice that both Battle Royale and Creative modes benefit from improved Storm and cloud effects, as well as enhanced simulations for smoke and liquid.” This upgrade also features improved post-processing features that help with bloom, lens flares, and shadow qualities.

While players won’t have to purchase a next-gen console, they will still need a beefy computer to use these settings. Low and Medium setting specification requirements won’t change after v17.00, but High settings will be the equivalent of the pre Season 7 Epic settings. Below are the new required Epic Quality Presets Specifications:

  • Nvidia GTX 1080, AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, or equivalent GPU
  • 4 GB VRAM or higher
  • Intel Core i7-8700, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, or equivalent
  • 16 GB RAM or higher
  • NVMe Solid State Drive
  • Windows 10 64-bit

These are not the recommended specifications for playing the game optimally, but they are the required specs to run Fortnite with Epic visuals. If a player wants to enjoy the new cloud effects and liquid simulations, they might end up having to pay a good chunk of change to upgrade their PC.

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5 updated Fortnite Zone Wars codes you have to try

Want to try out some of the newest Fortnite Zone wars maps? Take a look at these five options here.



Want to try out some of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps? Take a look at these five options here.

Zone Wars is one of the most popular Creative Mode map genres in Fortnite – so much so that Epic included a Zone Wars playlist during Chapter 2.

We probably won’t see another official Zone Wars lineup while Chapter 2 is still fresh, but here are five updated map codes for some of the best Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps for your Playground Fill matches.

Make sure to get to the Hub as fast as you can so you can avoid the Red vs. Blue battle.

Realistic Solos (XA)(Pack 1): 1234-0621-9943

Realistic Solos (XA)(Pack 1) by Prettyboy may not have “zone wars” in the name, but it is an authentic competitive experience that can get intense quickly. Two to 16 players spawn in random locations across various well-crafted maps. With randomized loadouts, players race to be the last one standing.

Nuketown 2025 Zone Wars: 1149-4422-7888

Nuketown 2025 zone wars by Clapzfn is more of a novelty than anything. It’s very cool to revisit this highly detailed recreation of a Call of Duty classic. Some of the buildings have invisible barriers at the top, and the storm always pushes to the center of the map. Regardless, it’s a ton of fun to be the last player standing in Nuke Town.

Desert Zone Wars Chapter 2: 1811-9621-1739

Those who have been playing zone wars maps for a long time are probably familiar with Jotapegame’s desert zone wars maps. However, this is the latest installment in the series that incorporates the changes made in Chapter 2. Enjoy the classic desert-themed zone wars with modern weapons and items.

Area 51 Alien Zone Wars: 9843-7754-8806

Area 51 Zone Wars by Dropnite is one of the most aesthetically pleasing zone wars maps available. From the way it spawns players in to all of the decorative pieces, it really makes you feel like you’re in Area 51. It also offers a fantastic competitive experience that’s sure to get players ready for the final moments of FNCS tournaments.

50 Player Zonewars: 6167-1882-6710

50 Player Zonewars is one of the most intense creative maps once the lobby is full. The loot pool changes regularly to match Arena Mode, and there are plenty of different maps. For the higher skill tourneys that have 50 or more people in the endgame, this mode is perfect for realistic practice.

Leave us some codes in the comments if we missed your favorite Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps!

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All Fortnite Season 6 Exotic Weapon locations

Fortnite Season 6 is here, and only a few Exotic weapons made it. Here are all Exotic weapon locations for the new Fortnite season.




Fortnite Season 6 marked the return of Exotic weapons to Fortnite. Not all of the Season 6 weapons are there, however, and they’ve moved locations.

There’s no shortage of new mechanics in Fortnite Season c, with the addition of crafting, the map changes, and a whole lot more.

Mythics have returned to the game in Season 6 but in a limited capacity. The only classic Mythic items in Fortnite Season 5 include the Spire Jumpboots and the Spire Assassin’s Primal Shotgun.

What’s more, Epic added craftable items to the game that allow players to create unique weapons out of existing parts. For instance, a Mechanical Bow and two Shockwave Grenades make the Shockwave Bow – a massive upgrade from both weapons.

Fortnite v16.10 update
Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6 Exotic weapon locations

Exotic weapons have returned to Fortnite Season 6, but not as many as we had in Season 5. These will be supplementary items rather than the focus of the season, which appears to be on the new crafting mechanic.

Many of the NPCs who sold these items in Season 5 have also either moved locations or don’t sell them anymore, so a new guide is needed. Here’s a map of all of the Season 6 Exotic weapon locations.

As you can see, there are seven Exotic weapons and items currently available in Fortnite Season 6. These are the:

  • Hop Rock Dualies: sold by Gutbomb in Logjam Woodworks
  • Chug Cannon: sold by Slurp Jonesy in Slurpy Swamp
  • Shadow Tracker Pistol: sold by Power Chord in Dance Club Cabin
  • Marksman Six Shooter: sold by Deadfire northwest of Lazy Lake
  • Grappler Bow: sold by Lara Croft in Stealthy Stronghold
  • Unstable Bow: sold by Rebirth Raven northwest of Sweaty Sands
  • Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow: dropped after eliminating Raz at The Spire

The good news is that, unlike last season, all of the NPCs that sell Exotics only spawn in one location – at least, so far.

We’ll keep this post updated as Epic add more Exotics to Fortnite Season 6. We expect to see them takes things further as the season goes on, so stay tuned to more news on Exotic weapons.

Image Credit: Epic Games, Fortnite.GG

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