According to a leak coming from the internal assets of Fortnite Battle Royale, the Cube may just be getting started. While some were left underwhelmed by the prolonged rolling of the Cube and its seeming finale, Epic may have another trick up their sleeves.

It appears the Cube may continue to grow through Season 6 according to the following assets in the CubeGrowth folder.

Many players have reported seeing the Floating Island containing the Cube on the in-game Map above Salty Springs, as seen in the video below.

Early showing of Salty Springs in a vortex too? Was on Playgrounds and found this – bug maybe? from r/FortniteLeaks

It is currently unknown whether this is a visual glitch or a bug which accidently revealed what’s to come with the Cube Event.

What are your thoughts on the Cube Event, is it over or is the chaos at Loot Lake just the beginning leading up to a larger event later in the Season or perhaps for Season 7?