Epic is setting up a small plotline for Fortnite Chapter 2 involving the 8-Ball vs. Scratch characters. Here’s a theory that explains the outline of the season.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 has been relatively bland in regards to the plot. Chapter 1 was filled with lore, theories, and unexplained events that all tied together in the end. We can expect the same from Chapter 2 but haven’t really seen it yet.


Or have we? The Fortnite v11.31 update introduced the first piece of lore that we’ve seen in Chapter 2: the corruption of the 8-Ball vs. Scratch skin. The higher your level, the more corrupt the skin becomes. It begins once you reach level 100 and is nearly complete at level 300.

Why is this happening? Is it some kind of virus? Will the other skins from this season follow? Reddit user juances19 presented a theory that has the 8-Ball vs. Scratch skin overheating once you reach level 100.

The skin is becoming unstable if this theory is correct. It can’t handle the fact that we’re well past level 100. The processor wasn’t made for it.

One of the commentors on this post made an interesting point as well. The ‘Lowdown’ loading screen may have foreshadowed the eventual meltdown of the 8-Ball.

In the loading screen, you can see an image of Scratch as a hologram in the background. The EGO characters are talking to one another as Remedy notices 8-Ball in the foreground. He appears to be troubled by whatever the team uncovered.

Epic Games

Like the past seasons, Chapter 2 loading screens are likely telling us a story. A group of new survivors found the island and a team of ambassadors were sent to survey the land (the EGO crew). They found lakes with ample fish and tried their hand at fishing.

Later, Rippley was born from the spill at Slurpy Swamp and joined our heroes. Elsewhere on the island, the ALTER team was selling weapons to some of the less-wholesome characters who visited their new home.

After that, we saw the ‘Lowdown’ loading screen that we described above. Cameo hid Rippley from the ALTER team in Frenzy Farm as 8-Ball and Scratch finally met in the open field. This is where things start to turn. If you notice, these two characters are missing in the ‘Dive’ loading screen.

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The absence of 8-Ball during the final ALTER/EGO battle is significant. He might be fighting Scratch in the woods, but he may also be on a separate mission. After all, he’s the only character that seems to have a specific journey this season.

8-Ball might know something about his future – something that he’s trying to prevent. Scratch could be trying to stop him. This overheating – or whatever you want to call it – could cause something catastrophic, beneficial, or both. It all depends on the perspective of our characters.

Additionally, if you look at the ‘Chaos Rising’ loading screen, you can see something that could reference the transition of the 8-Ball vs. Scratch skin. The character appears to be transcending as Chaos Agent – the presumed puppetmaster of Chapter 2 – looks on.

So, that’s where things stand right now. We’ll have some overtime challenges to complete and may get another loading screen as the final chapter of the Season 1 storyline. We still have a lot of questions – even if this sub-plot is correct.

What do you think is happening? Do you have any theories of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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