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The Baller in Fortnite features a major Storm damage bug



The Baller has been a controversial addition to Fortnite, similar to the Stormwing. If you are not convinced that the vehicle needs a nerf or fix, here’s another reason why we believe it should be looked at.

The Baller is perhaps the most divisive new item ever added to Fortnite. Casual players generally do not care about its existence in Fortnite while competitive players want to see the vehicle heavily nerfed/removed.

Well, it turns out the Baller can also prevent Storm Surge damage…yeah. Let’s look over the entirety of the issue at hand.

Wait, what is Storm Surge damage?

Storm Surge damage is a mechanic present in Fortnite that prevents overly passive gameplay by dealing damage to low impact players.

When the storm closes in and a certain large number of players are still alive (usually only occurs in high-level pro scrims and tourney finals), the Storm Surge comes into effect.

The Surge damages the players with the lowest damage in the lobby to try and encourage them to do something. It was a response by Epic to players in competitive play simply sitting inside of 1x1s for 20 minutes straight.

The damage is periodic and fairly minor, but can cause losses if you don’t begin engaging enemies swiftly.

The Baller prevents Storm Surge damage

So, the tricky little ball that could does it again. While it may not have too much of an impact in casual Fortnite, the Baller is ‘busted’ in competitive.

It moves insanely fast, bounces erratically, destroys builds, protects its driver, and now…prevent Storm Surge damage.

Player ‘CoreGaminggTwitch’ posted a nice little clip of himself sitting inside a Baller when the game detected that he had the lowest damage in the game. The end-game had already begun and over 50 players remained.

This weekend I learnt you dont take storm surge damage in the ball from r/FortniteCompetitive

The lightning strike hits the Baller and simply…poof…does no damage to the player inside. Amazingly, it doesn’t even damage the Baller itself.

Respect to Core for posting the clip as it does mean he was one of the least impactful players in the lobby. It’s important to share these discoveries to get them fixed.

Why does this matter?

Well, the Storm Surge mechanic has proved to be very effective at forcing passive players to do more in the competitive end-games. With a counter to it, these players can go back to hiding in their 1x1s..

The urgency to fix the glitch is due to the Fortnite World Cup looming nearby. The first event starts on April 13th and is projected to have a plethora of issues already. This adds another on top of the other troubles facing Epic.

The fix should be fairly straight forward, but simple issues can turn into week long projects when dealing with games the size of Fortnite.

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Leaked Fortnite v12.61 update skins and cosmetic items



Epic Games

Fortnite update v12.61 has arrived, and while Epic Games didn’t add many new skins or cosmetic items to the game, data miners and leakers have been sifting through the files and given us a look at what’s to come before the end of Chapter 2, Season 2.

Season 2 is rapidly coming to its conclusion, with the highly anticipated Doomsday event set to rock the game to its foundations as Epic Games moves to Season 3.

With the current season drawing to a close, the game’s developers have released the v12.61 Update on May 26 which includes a number of leaks as to what the event will entail.

For those who are looking a new skin or some new dances moves, though, Epic have added some new additions to the files which will be released over the next week or so.

Cyclo Doomsday skin and Windshear Cloak

There’s only one new skin in the game this week, but it appears to have major links to the end of Season 2, with the mysterious and imposing skin added to the files under the name “Hurricane,” prompting many to wonder if he is set to unleash the natural disaster onto the island.

On top of that, there is also a brand-new cloak that goes with Cyclo Doomsday, which appears to have been battered by winds and torn in places at the bottom. You can view the skin and back bling below courtesy of @Lucas7yoshi.

Drake’s Toosie Slide comes to Fortnite

Definitely the most surprising addition to the game, global megastar Drake has made his first appearance in Fortnite, with a brand-new emote appearing in-game based on a dance from the music video for his latest single, Toosie Slide.

The track debuted on April 3, and was then eventually released as part of his new mixtape Dark Lane Demo Tapes. It immediately became a hit on TikTok, with creators dancing along to the instructions featured in the song, and now Fortnite players can do the same. You can watch the Toosie Slide emote in action below, thanks to @HYPEX.

On top of that, Epic have actually licensed the song, so when you’re sliding in front of your downed enemies, they’ll hear October’s Very Own singing along.

Fortnite’s v12.61 patch is expected to be the final patch before Chapter 2, Season 3 kicks off, so it was always likely that new cosmetics would be in short supply this week. Data miners are still sifting through the files though, so if any more are discovered we’ll be sure to update this article.

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Epic announce Solos FNCS and Trios in Fortnite Season 3

The Fortnite FNCS formats for Season 3 will include Trios and Solos along with Trios Cash Cups.



With the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational in the rearview mirror, competitive and casual Fortnite players, alike, look ahead to Season 3. Epic didn’t keep us wondering for long with an announcement of the competitive formats for the next Fortnite season.

On May 25, the Fortnite Competitive Twitter account announced that Season 3 will kick off with a solo FNCS. Cash Cups will be back as a Trios competition and Trios FNCS will be coming in Season 4. In the meantime, Arena will be available for Trios and Solos.

Most Fortnite players were happy to hear this announcement – even if they aren’t fans of the formats. Trios is widely liked but players tend to have a love/hate relationship with Solos. This can be the most frustrating format, after all.

The real highlight of this announcement was the announcement, itself. Pro Fortnite players have been asking for transparency and communication. Epic gave them what they were asking for, even if it didn’t come in the form of their favorite tournament format.

We’ll keep you posted with more information about the next FNCS season. Until then, competitive and casual Fortnite players are in the same boat: waiting to see how much Season 3 changes everything.

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Fortnite Doomsday event countdown reveals Season 2 end date and time



Fortnite now has an official countdown to the upcoming end-of-season event in-game, confirming Saturday, May 30 as the date for the Doomsday event.

Each Season of Fortnite usually tries to go out with a bang, and leaks and teases have been foreshadowing the big ‘Doomsday’ event ending Season 2.

Although data miners were able to provide their best guesses for when it would be, and what exactly will happen, the countdown now confirms it.

Appearing on May 23, exactly one week before the event is scheduled to take place, you can now see the countdown prominently in the main lobby.

The timer will end on Saturday, May 30, ready for the event to kick off at 7:05pm BST / 8:05pm CEST / 2:05pm EDT / 11:05am PDT.

What is the Doomsday Event?

While we now know when the event will take place, there still remains the question of what will happen.

The most common theory currently is that the map, or at least part of it, will flood. This is plausiblele, considering players also noticed that the underwater hatches were ‘activated’ on the same day as the countdown appeared.

Many players are convinced that there will be some kind of water theme in Chapter 2, Season 3, as the big leak a few weeks ago suggested.

This same leak also claimed that there will be a rideable shark vehicle in the next season, as well as the ability to set materials on fire.

So, the Doomsday event could be a total or partial flooding of the Fortnite map – or something else entirely. At this point, it’s impossible to say for sure. We just have to wait until Saturday, May 30.

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