The Baller has been a controversial addition to Fortnite, similar to the Stormwing. If you are not convinced that the vehicle needs a nerf or fix, here’s another reason why we believe it should be looked at.

The Baller is perhaps the most divisive new item ever added to Fortnite. Casual players generally do not care about its existence in Fortnite while competitive players want to see the vehicle heavily nerfed/removed.

Well, it turns out the Baller can also prevent Storm Surge damage…yeah. Let’s look over the entirety of the issue at hand.

Wait, what is Storm Surge damage?

Storm Surge damage is a mechanic present in Fortnite that prevents overly passive gameplay by dealing damage to low impact players.

When the storm closes in and a certain large number of players are still alive (usually only occurs in high-level pro scrims and tourney finals), the Storm Surge comes into effect.

The Surge damages the players with the lowest damage in the lobby to try and encourage them to do something. It was a response by Epic to players in competitive play simply sitting inside of 1x1s for 20 minutes straight.

The damage is periodic and fairly minor, but can cause losses if you don’t begin engaging enemies swiftly.

The Baller prevents Storm Surge damage

So, the tricky little ball that could does it again. While it may not have too much of an impact in casual Fortnite, the Baller is ‘busted’ in competitive.

It moves insanely fast, bounces erratically, destroys builds, protects its driver, and now…prevent Storm Surge damage.

Player ‘CoreGaminggTwitch’ posted a nice little clip of himself sitting inside a Baller when the game detected that he had the lowest damage in the game. The end-game had already begun and over 50 players remained.

This weekend I learnt you dont take storm surge damage in the ball from r/FortniteCompetitive

The lightning strike hits the Baller and simply…poof…does no damage to the player inside. Amazingly, it doesn’t even damage the Baller itself.

Respect to Core for posting the clip as it does mean he was one of the least impactful players in the lobby. It’s important to share these discoveries to get them fixed.

Why does this matter?

Well, the Storm Surge mechanic has proved to be very effective at forcing passive players to do more in the competitive end-games. With a counter to it, these players can go back to hiding in their 1x1s..

The urgency to fix the glitch is due to the Fortnite World Cup looming nearby. The first event starts on April 13th and is projected to have a plethora of issues already. This adds another on top of the other troubles facing Epic.

The fix should be fairly straight forward, but simple issues can turn into week long projects when dealing with games the size of Fortnite.

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