Step aside Ghoul Trooper, the title for the Rarest Skin in Fortnite has been achieved and you’ve probably never even seen it in-game.

When you think of Rare Skins what do you think of? Ghoul Trooper? Skull Trooper? Many players take pride in being an OG (disambiguation meaning they’re an early adopter of the game) which means both owning uncommon cosmetics and playing the game in its earlier stages.

Given we’re in the fourth quarter of 2018 and Fortnite Battle Royale’s first birthday has passed, many original cosmetics such as the Scythe Pickaxe and Skull Trooper Skin have returned. This upsets some players who took pride in owning such Items, while other players are happy as they’ve never been given the chance because they started playing at a later date.

Interestingly enough, the first Skin to hit 1 Year (365 Days) without appearing in the Item Shop has happened today on November 11th, 2018…

Recon Expert

Rare recon expert outfit.

Recon Expert, a Skin which is widely considered to be ugly and not sought-after holds the factual title of the Rarest Skin in Fortnite.

Recon Expert is a Rare Skin which was available in the Fortnite Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks on November 11th, 2017. Many players passed up on the offer as it’s not a very visually appealing or exciting Skins such as other Rare Skins like the Ghoul Trooper.

Are you an OG Player? Do you for own the Recon Expert Skin? Let us know your thoughts on OG Players and Cosmetics.

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