For each day of the 14 Days of Summer, Epic will be unvaulting a single weapon for 24 hours. Today’s choice of unlocked weaponry is the Light Machine Gun.

The 14 Days of Summer event has officially begun in Fortnite and the celebration has started with a bang. An excellent content update as arrived with the return of the Pump Shotgun, weapon buffs. and even a Tactical Shotgun buff.

In addition to these content updates (two during event, according to Epic), a vaulted weapon will be returned to the game for 24 hours every day. Today’s weapon is the long awaited return of the Light Machine Weapon.

Light Machine Gun unvaulted for June 25th

Light Machine Gun returns for a single day

The first of the ‘unvaultings’ for the summer event brings a fan-favorite back for a little while. The Light Machine Gun is a powerful medium ammo gun with a quick fire-rate and moderate damage.

The unique build shredder was thrown into the vault last September.

Light Machine Gun Weapon Stats

Weapon stats are what defines a weapon’s performance. It’s quite some time since any of us have been able to use this weapon in Fortnite. A refresher course on the weapon’s power as of its last iteration is in order.

Epic Games did not change the weapon’s stats for this unvaulting event.

  • Bullet Type: Medium
  • Damage Per Second: 200
  • Damage Per Bullet: 25
  • Fire Rate: 8 per second
  • Magazine Size: 100
  • Reload Time: 5 seconds
  • Structure Damage: 25

The Light Machine Gun fills an interesting role in the 14 Days meta. Its fast fire-rate allows for build destruction, but its true strength lies in the 100 bullet magazine size. You can continue holding the trigger down while teammates push and suppress enemies with relative easy.

The 25 damage per shot isn’t the highest in the game. However, the fire rate will allow you to do serious damage at close range. The weapon will likely be effectively countered by the Burst SMG, Suppressed SMG, and Pump Shotguns. Regular ARs can also stand a chance, but positioning becomes more important in this case.

Well, get out there to use the LMG again for a day’s time. Tomorrow, it’ll time for another vaulted weapon to return. Which one do you have your money on? Check back daily for guides on the new 14 Days challenges and news on all things Fortnite.

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