Fortnite’s Creative mode handed the keys to some of the most creative players around and their creations never cease to amaze – especially when it comes to theming.

One of the newest and most exciting creations is a parkour-adventure map from creator Hooshen called ‘Escape the Space Station,’ that is now availbale to play.

The map was released on March 8, based on the concept of the player having to escape a half-destroyed Space Station, that is on its last legs and burning up quickly. The fight for survival is on from the minute you begin the course.

ESCAPE THE SPACE STATION | Parkour & Adventure [Album in comments] [4398-6514-6947] from r/FortniteCreative

In a Reddit post, Hooshen stated that the map took them over 50 hours to finish – meaning plenty of blood, sweat, and tears has gone into making one of the most creative map ideas yet.

Towards the end of the escape, the map gives you the option of exploring two different routes – adding hours of replayability so you’ll have to keep going back to complete the route in a number of different, creative ways.

If you want to try the map out for yourself, the Island Code is 4398-6514-6947.

Should you decide to take on the incredibly difficult test, let us know how you get on in the comments below!

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