The much-anticipated ‘The End’ event to close out Fortnite Season 10 has finally got a confirmed date, at least according to a report from Gamespot Brazil, and the location for the countdown has also been leaked.

Although typically these events take place on Saturdays (as most previous in-game events have), this time around Epic are switching things up, and moving the event to a Sunday.

With Season 10’s Out of Time Mission (i.e. the overtime challenges) ending on October 13, many believed this the likely date for the event, and Gamespot Brazil have claimed that this date is correct.

The End event will apparently take place on Sunday, October 13, while the Brasil Games Show is on.

The most likely time for the event is 2pm EST, as it would follow the pattern of previous events and covers most time zones reasonably well, although this isn’t officially confirmed.

As for what exactly will happen in the event, that’s still a mystery, although leaks and rumors suggest that a new map could be on the way.

Leaker Asriel_Dev has claimed that it will be similar to the butterfly event, and that a “currently encrypted map will appear and be used for the cinematic.”

Countdown location

There will be a countdown to the event, which has now gone live in-game.

As the leaks revealed, the timer is hovering over Dusty Depot.

Season 11 is then expected to begin after the event, with the first official day being Monday, October 14.

That means you have until then to complete the Gotham City challenges and the Out of Time mission.

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