The digsite that was added into Fortnite earlier has now been cleared by players, though the reveal hasn’t exactly been awe-inspiring.

The new Dig Site which was added into Fortnite earlier today has been cleared by the playerbase. The site was added earlier today and was similar to the Iceberg in Season 7.

The site has a hole filled in big rocks which had real-time health bars showing the damage being done to the rocks by players all over the world. It’s quite the feat of networking.

The site has now been cleared, but the reveal of what was under all those rocks it’s exactly mind-blowing.

A new volcano vent, a chest location, and various other objects like some bones and a rusty old pick-up truck were found.

Some thought this might part of a larger project, but the competition only took mere hours due to how players jumped on to help out.

There’s still a good chance that isn’t the last of this type of excavation event. The short term nature and small overall gameplay impact suggests it may be a new way of revealing content, piece by piece.

We won’t speculate too much on what might happen, but we’ll report on any future changes to the map. Who knows what Epic has up their sleeve for us next?

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