While ‘default’ has often become an insult in the Fortnite community, those skins hold fond memories in people’s minds.

Those first few times playing Fortnite were some of the best experiences in the game and the classic recruit skins were a big part of that. There was little customization but honestly eight different skins is more than a lot of games give you.

Well Epic Games wasn’t planning to let those skins become few and far between, the company decided to give each of their icons a new look in the v10.10 update.

Default Skins had Icon updates in v10.10 from r/FortniteLeaks

The main difference in this update is the new poses. By changing up how they are standing, the icons now make the group feel like an actual collection of different characters, not just new faces on the same design.

It is a relatively small change but one definitely makes some difference. It would be cool to see future versions of these skins like ‘Bunker Jonesy’ in future seasons of Fortnite.

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