Fortnite’s Update v5.40 is finally live after a 24-hour delay, and data miners were quick to begin sorting through the files in search of new information.

Among the files, more assets for the Cube Event have been discovered. The giant purple object has dominated Fortnite storylines since spawning on August 24 at Paradise Palms. Its journey across the Fortnite landscape has been watched closely by the community, with heavy speculation of where it will choose its final destination.

As previously leaked, the Cube will make it’s way to a Lake, this will be it’s final resting place.

Thanks to v5.40, we now have confirmation that this is, in fact, Loot Lake. It seems that after the Cube has positioned itself at Loot Late, it will become corrupted. What this entails is currently unknown.

In the Road Trip Season 5 Week 10 Loading Screen (below) we see an evil version of the Brite Bomber skin in the reflect of the Cube. Perhaps this is a visual representation of Corruption, and what may be coming in Season 6.

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