The Cube has now moved near Greasy Grove and created a new Rune and Dome over the area. It seems the Cube will repeat this process a total of 5 more times before finally moving to a Lake and activating. What comes after is unknown.


The Cube is once again moving, it has left behind a Rune on the ground.

via /r/FortniteBR


After days of movement every 1 hour and 43 minutes, the Cube now seems to be surrounded by a gravitational dome which grants the player with low gravity similar to the Hop Rocks.

This is confirmation of the force-field esque appearance one player spotted on the Cube prior to the current events.

It appears this is the second stage in the Cube event. It is unknown what else is to come, however thanks to game files we know that the Cube has some sort of interaction with a Lake.

According to YouTuber Drift0r, large purple Runes are spawning on the inside of the Cube. It’s possible that these will be left on the ground if the Cube were to move. These are the Runes which are seen on the outside of the Cube and on-screen when a player nears the Cube. It is unknown if there is any meaning behind them or if they are simply for visual appeal.