The snowstorm has finally hit, and while most players are exploring the new map, some are already asking: What’s next?

The castle that sits atop the iceberg made headlines when it’s lights turned on before the launch of Season 7.

But, according to a couple leaks from the game files, it seems like the party is just getting started.

Right now players can only reach the top levels of the castle with the bottom being covered by snow and ice.

According to assets found in the game files by @FortTory a new bottom level of the castle will become accessible when the ice melts away.

Their reference to the Game Awards is because the producer/creator of the awards Geoff Knightly has hinted at a new reveal at the industry-wide awards show tonight.

While that tease may be about the ice castle, there are also so many other possible things he could be hinting at.

It seems more likely that the consistent melting of the castle will be the reoccurring new change throughout the season and each level of the Ice King’s lair will hold new surprises.

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