The Block in Fortnite has been updated with an all new layout once again. This time players will travel to a spooky, Mysterious Mansion.

Epic Games added The Block into Fortnite Battle Royale to give Creative mode creators a chance to show off their most amazing creations to millions of players.

The Block has been highly successful as creators have begun to pour in thousands of submissions for Epic’s review.

It also gives Epic a nice chance to focus on other content and bug fixes while allowing the community to take the reins on a small part of the map design.

The newest design is the Mysterious Mansion, added into the game with today’s content update. The creator’s name is FurryNenja, @FuryLeaks on Twitter.

The new Block features a massive house with a plethora of rooms, tons of chest loot, and a maze that might just be an homage to the days of Wailing Woods.

Out on front, players will find some evergreens along with a trail leading to the esteemed building.

The interior of the mansion is quite rundown and features piles of trash and broken furniture. The combat within the building won’t be too clustered as the rooms are wide open with long sightlines and little cover.

Overall, the visual aesthetic is nailed perfectly with the feeling that something bad has happened at this mansion. Such a house should be lively and clean, but instead the outside is covered in moss and the interior lies in ruins.

We definitely recommend checking the location in Playground to really appreciate the effort put into creating the new Block.

And the location is not a bad drop location either as the roof contains many floor loot spawns. The attic has several chances to spawn chests for players and the floor loot inside seems to be evenly spread out.

If you’ve never landed at or noticed the Block before, it located to the northeast of Pleasant Park. Be sure to visit it at some point!

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