Patch v8.10 brought a lot of changes to the game, but maybe the biggest and oddest one is The Baller vehicle.

The Baller is an all terrain, “vehicle” that features a Grappler on its front. The vehicle is made for speed and the ability to essentially traverse any obstacle or structure in the game.

The Grappler mounted on its front can be fired very quickly and detacted just as quickly. The plunger can attached to builds, structures, terrain, and players.

The Baller can move without the need of the Grappler and simply rolls forwards at a decent speed. The player is completely protected from damage while inside The Baller, but the vehicle can be destroyed with weapon fire.

The craziness of The Baller comes in once you begin to move using a combination of the Grappler, the Boost function, and it’s own movement. You can attach yourself to a surface, speed up using the boost, and sling-shot yourself faster than any other vehicle in the game.

Via Wooderon

The gameplay description may remind you of a certain character from another game…the inspiration is certainly drawn from this furry little champion. Or perhaps Epic looked towards a more cinematic source for their Baller inspiration.

Via Bloomberg

You can even fly. No, we are not joking. Streamer Keeoh managed to send The Baller flying by having his teammate attach the vehicle to him. Keeoh then entered a Cannon and sent himself flying…and it turns out the Grappler’s rope is made of titanium weave.

Now, it’s time to get a little serious. Is this vehicle over-powered? Well, our first look at the vehicle doesn’t put it in the class of the Infinity Blade patch, but we can definitely see this little ball causing some trouble to the game’s flow.

The vehicle speed and extreme maneuverability allow for storm avoidance and escapes from fights with ease. This may be fine for casual matches, but we will probably see some changes to The Baller before long due to competitive constraints.