UPDATE: ‘The Baller’ has been re-enabled by Epic Games.

Original Story:

The newest Fortnite vehicle has been temporarily disabled by Epic Games- here’s why.

On Monday, March 18, Epic Games took to Twitter to reveal that ‘The Baller’ vehicle has been temporarily disabled in-game.

According to the studio, a ‘stability issue’ is the main cause for The Baller being disabled, however, an exact cause is unknown.

You can view the official announcement below.

Many believe that the move to remove The Baller temporarily has to do with a recent ‘instadeath’ glitch, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Since its addition in Season 8, ‘The Baller’ has come under heavy criticism by numerous high profile personalities for its ‘ease of use.’

After it was announced that The Baller had been temporarily disabled, various pro players and streamers expressed their joy for the timebeing.

At the time of writing, it is unknown when The Baller will return to Fortnite. Stay tuned to FortniteINTEL for more information as it is made available by Epic Games.

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