Epic Games Art Director Pete Ellis tells the story behind one of the iconic Fortnite holiday skins: Crackshot.

The holidays are the perfect time to indulge in nostalgia. As we near the end of another year, we can look back at how much fun Fortnite has provided us since 2017. From Season 2 to Season 7 to today, Epic never fails to give us what we want around the holiday season.


Back in 2017, though, the game was only beginning to pick up some steam. There were a handful of skins available for Fortnite at the time, and the first Battle Pass was a brand-new idea.

This is where Crackshot, one of the OG Fortnite skins, was born. Art Designer and Crackshot creator Pete Ellis told the story of his inspiration for the skin on Twitter.

Ellis went on to describe his history with the nutcracker that eventually became Crackshot. He always wanted a nutcracker from the store next door, but his mother declined.

We should be happy that Pete’s mom didn’t get him a nutcracker. If she had, we may never have seen Crackshot and his three new selectable styles.

This is one of the first – if not the first – times that a designer has outlined their inspiration behind a Fortnite skin. There are so many random skins in Fortnite. Reading this, it’s hard not to wonder where the inspiration for other skins came from.

The Fishstick skin, for instance, is clearly a favorite of one of the higher-ups in the Epic Games art department. They have added several selectable styles to the skin as well as alternative options – including in the upcoming Glacial Legends bundle.

Why? What makes this skin so special? Who came up with the Bushranger skin? Who thought, “You know what Fortnite needs? A wacky-wavy inflatable tube man skin!” There are so many questions.

What skin puzzles you the most? Is there any skin for which you’d like to hear the backstory? Drop it in the comments.

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