Like a Christmas advent calendar that gives one thing away each day, Fortnite will be offering a unique challenge every day leading up to and passing Christmas.

Thanks to leaks in the game files, we have uncovered what those 14 challenges will be.

The “14 Days of Fortnite” event was announced in the patch notes for update v7.10 but the challenges remained a secret.

Thanks to data-miner @srdrabx, the surprise has been taken out.

Here are the challenges directly from the game files:

Thanks to the descriptive wording of the game files, these challenges are pretty easy to decipher.

They also point to the future inclusion of some interesting new points on the map.

On the holiday theme, there will be Christmas trees, snowflake decorations and giant candy canes.

For the vehicles, rings will apparently be added for the planes and one challenge will require doing tricks with the Driftboard.

Finally, there will be goose eggs which may be similar to the llamas and provide great loot.

We will keep you posted on how to actually complete all these challenges when the full details are released.

“14 Days of Christmas” begins on December 19th.

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