Tfue started a wildfire of speculation and drama when his lawyer revealed that they were suing FaZe Clan over his contract terms. Now, Tfue’s brother’s Twitter has been hacked!

It’s only natural for brothers to defend brothers and Tfue’s brother, Jack Tenney, is no exception. He has been tweeting about Tfue’s lawsuit actively since it came to light.

Now, the innocent man has been hacked on Twitter due to his defense of Tfue. This story just keeps getting crazier by the minute.

Jack Tenney’s account hacked

Jack Tenney is Tfue’s brother and has defended him and his lawsuit on Twitter. He is suspected to be the person that leaked the official contract as well, but that is not confirmed.

The defense of his brother has been fairly mild from the man. Nothing directly aggressive, just pointing the facts of the case. In addition, he tweeted a common saying that no one should let other people take they credit.

As you see can, the tweets are fairly mild mannered and simple defense of his sibling.

Well, someone doesn’t think so and took these tweets personally. A hacker has taken over Jack’s account and used it to send out a contradicting tweet about the whole situation.

Yeah…it’s definitely hacked

While brothers turning on each other isn’t unheard of, we don’t think this is one such case. It’s pretty clear that a hacker is involved here.

In a matter of an hour, he went from praising and defending Tfue to hating his decisions? No. That’s simply not right.

The tweets kept coming with the hackers deciding, as usual, that it would be wise to call themselves out on the Twitter page. They’ll be swiftly banned…obviously.

Not cool…

More than likely, the hacker is someone who geniuely loves FaZe Clan, but has begun to idolize them. As such, the hacker cannot see reason when it’s obvious that FaZe Clan did make some mistakes with Tfue contract.

Even FaZe Banks admitted that the initial contract was complete bogus. FaZe allegedly attempted to create new contracts with Tfue for better terms, but the player refused to sign them. The reason being that he wanted to leave FaZe all together.

While this may seem heavy-handed from FaZe, many sports teams do this to keep their best players. The contract also had an exclusivity deal that allowed FaZe to match deals from other orgs. This is very similar to NBA contracts.

We’ll give you updates on the story as major details come out.