Tfue’s contract with FaZe has been leaked! The contract reveals many of the details needed to build a valid case against FaZe Clan.


It would seem that the Tfue contract has now become public information as of Thrusday, May 23rd. A publication named ‘The Blast’ has released the contract in full.

The contract does not completely damn FaZe Clan, but it does potentially confirm some of Tfue’s accusations. Let’s take a closer look.

Tfue FaZe Contract leaked

Tfue’s official contract has been revealed via the ‘The Blast.’ The contract seems to be legit and according to @KEEMSTAR, the contract has been confirmed to be 100% real by ‘The Blast.’

Keemstar’s confirmation tweet

While the contract does not directly state that FaZe Clan would take the massive amounts claimed by Tfue, it leaves the issue open. This means that FaZe Banks could be truthful in saying that they never took more than $60K from Tfue.

With that said, due to the contract’s wording, there’s a chance that FaZe COULD have done so. This means that Tfue and potentially other members would always have a specter of doubt floating above them as they earned money.

Confidentiality Agreement

The contract contains a strict confidentiality agreement which limits what Tfue can and can’t say about his contract and other FaZe activities. Such sections are common in contracts to prevent leaks of information.

It is not unknown whether or not these terms have been breached as a result of this whole lawsuit debacle.

Confidentiality Agreement

Gamer and/or Gamer’s representatives shall not issue any press releases nor make any other statements about Gamer’s Services, the Team, Company, its affiliates, agents and/or employees, or any other party involved in the Services (e.g. the sponsors) in any media (including, without limitation, any online or print communications) without Company’s prior written consent.

Exclusivity Rights for FaZe Clan

The contract also has a section devoted to FaZe Clan’s exclusive rights to Tfue’s future deals under this contract. FaZe could match any offer made by other organizations to keep Tfue.

While Tfue and his legal team argue that is unfair, this type of contract feature is common in sports contracts.

Exclusivity Agreement

Gamer receives an offer from another ‘Fortnite’ team to join such team upon lawful termination of the Agreement by Gamer (“Offer”), Gamer shall be obligated to provide the Offer to Company and the identity of the party providing the Offer, and Company shall have the right to match such Offer during a period of fifteen (15) business days following Company’s actual receipt of the Offer (the “Matching Right”). If Company elects to exercise the Matching Right, Company shall inform Gamer within said fifteen (15) business day period, and Company shall, automatically have exclusive rights to Gamer’s services on the same terms as the Offer, as supplemented by all of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Money and Payouts – Compensation

The main issue of the Tfue lawsuit has to do with the amount of money FaZe could potentially take from Tfue and other members.

According to the agreement, the payout system is a little bit complex, but does line up with what both sides have been saying.

Prize Money Agreement

For prize money, Tfue gets 80% of all winnings and FaZe takes 20%. This lines up with some of the claims made by FaZe Banks.

However, some of the other values lean in favor of Tfue’s argument. FaZe Clan takes 80% of all ‘Brand Deals’ obtained by FaZe Clan. The deals obtained by Tfue are split 50/50.

Here’s the full breakdown of the payout values according to the contract:

  • Prize Money – Tfue: 80% – Faze Clan: 20%
  • Appearances at Events – Tfue 50% – Faze Clan: 50%
  • Brand Deals brought by gamer – Tfue 50% – Faze – 50%
  • In-game ‘stickers’ – Tfue: 50% – Faze: 50%
  • Brand Deal brought by Faze – Tfue 20% – Faze – 80%
Compensation Agreement

The wording does not officially say anything about the in-game Creator Codes, but it does leave the ‘in-game stickers’ as a possible way to get that money from Tfue.

The ‘brand deals’ make up big parts of streamer revenue on Twitch. For the deals that FaZe obtained for Tfue, they got a massive 80% cut. For those obtained by Tfue himself, Tfue only got to keep 50% of the earnings.

The contract does give FaZe Clan a wide berth to take considerable amounts of money from Tfue. While this may be legal, some of the values do seem skewed in FaZe Clan’s favor. We’ll just have to wait and see as more details come out.

Keep in mind that this contract has not been confirmed by FaZe Clan as of this time.

Here’s a link to the complete contract for those that want to read the whole thing: Tfue FaZe Clan contract.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments. Be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Original Story – The Blast: Tfue’s FaZe Contract Revealed