Stream sniping is among the most annoying things that streamers have to deal with. Tfue recently accused a fellow pro of sniping him during one of his streams.

Stream-sniping, for those that don’t know, is the act of watching a player’s stream and hopping into the same game as them. Then, the sniper will proceed to attempt to kill the streamer with an unfair advantage.

Tfue suspected a TSM player of this henous act during one of his streams. This is not a open and shut case, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Tfue suspects Commandment of stream-sniping

Commandment is a player for TSM and is only 14 years of age. Could the kid have been stream-sniping during a match against Tfue? Well, let’s look at the evidence presented on Tfue’s stream.

For context, Tfue and Cloak have unfortunately gotten caught in the storm during the match. They have just finished out a long fight and are now attempting to begin a frantic trip out of the storm.

Then, Commandment does…this.

Commandment is safe to begin his trek to the next zone, but instead pulls a 180 and flies directly into the storm.

As Tfue put it, ‘He rifts into the fucking storm and comes to fight us, what the fuck is he doing?’

This is a high-tier WC qualifier game and the TSM pro decides to risk it all for a late storm fight. He uses a Rift to sail through the storm wall and lands right at Tfue’s position. This means neither Cloak nor Tfue can get out of the storm.

Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! It’s Commandment slithering in!

Keep this in mind before indicting Commandment. The player is known for his extremely hyper-aggressive gameplay. The 14 year old TSM player has pulled similar stunts in the past due to his skill in high risk/high reward situations.

Tfue’s chat, naturally, immediately erupted and said that the player was obviously ‘clout farming.’ By this, they mean that the player just wanted to do this to get on Tfue’s stream for a few minutes of air time. We doubt that’s what this is really about.

The play does look a little bit suspect, but we think it is just something Commandment would do regardless of the opposing players. A double kill would net him 2 points and he probably was packing at least one more launch pad.

Now, if he didn’t have any Rifts or pads remaining…that would be highly suspect. We don’t know what the player had in his inventory from the Tfue clip, however.

What do you think? Is this an example of ‘clout farming’, stream-sniping, or just a crazy play by an aggressive player?