The console vs. PC war goes back to the earliest days of gaming, and Fortnite has only been another battle.

A keyboard and mouse set up gives a player more control. That much is obvious. The precision of clicking on an opponent vs. lining up a joystick is clear.

So to help balance games where players with a mouse / keyboard and those with a controller can play in the same lobby, some changes need to be made.

In Fortnite, the most talked about difference is ‘aim assist.’ The feature is designed to make it easier for controller players to hit moving targets. To do that, the screen follows a player who is moving, replicating a control that PC players have to do manually.

Recently Tfue went on a rant talking about why he wanted to switch to a controller. But his focus wasn’t aim assist, it was editing sensitivity.

Why Tfue may switch to a controller

He probably won’t honestly switch. For great players it takes so long to adjust that it usually isn’t worth it. But a nice Tfue rant is always enjoyable to watch:

Timestamp 1:10 for mobile users

“Like every time I want to rotate a ramp, I have to fuckin throw my shoulder out of socket. I feel like I tore a rotator cuff.”

Sensitivity comes with personal preference so most games allow you to edit it in some ways. While Fortnite does allow you to change your aiming sensitivity on PC, building and editing sensitivities are console only.

That may change in the future, but it is more likely that Epic doesn’t want to further increase the gap between PC and controller players, especially with the World Cup looming.

Fortnite is such a unique game that there isn’t a precedent for the best sensitivity to have when building or editing a structure.

And if you are a PC player annoyed about advantages given to players on controller, why not just switch yourself? Tfue claims he will but most players can’t give up the loss in aiming accuracy for the odd benefit.

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