Top Fortnite streamer and pro player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is not a fan of the BRUTE mechs, and proved exactly why they are way too powerful as he dominated fellow pro players.

The BRUTE, first added at the launch of Season 10, has been subject to endless criticism from casual and competitive players alike.

The complaints have certainly been loudest from the competitive players, who deem the vehicle far too powerful and easy to use to be viable for esports play.

Fortnite has never been considered incredibly competitive anyway, due to its reliance on RNG (randomness), but the BRUTE’s have taken these issues to a new level.

Former FaZe star Tfue gave the perfect example for everything that’s wrong with the BRUTEs, as he came up against three fellow pro players in the Arena Trios playlist.

With the backing of longtime duo Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore and Thomas ’72hrs’ Mulligan, Tfue made quick work of FaZe Clan’s Megga and Dubs, and Team Envy’s LeNiaN.

With little to no counter for the BRUTE mechs (only Boogie Bombs have proven useful for taking on a BRUTE-wielding player), competitive players are at the their wits end with their inclusion.

Tfue even previously threatened to stop playing Fortnite altogether over the mechs, and although he hasn’t made good on that threat yet, there’s still time.

The BRUTE is possibly the most controversial addition to Fortnite yet. Image: Epic Games

Epic have shown reluctance, or even stubbornness, to remove their latest addition, claiming that the giant overpowered robots are in-keeping with their “philosophy” for the game.

Fellow pro and streamer TSM Myth criticized Epic for their over-reliance on statistics for their decision making, as opposed to player feedback.

The developers aim to make it easier for all players, of all abilities, to experience the excitement of a victory royale – even if it’s at the expense of the enjoyment of the game for others.