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Tfue & Scoped vs. Chap & Av is the rivalry Fortnite has been waiting for

The growing rivalry between the teams of Chap & Av and Tfue & Scoped is bringing much-needed attention to competitive Fortnite.



The growing rivalry between the teams of Chap & Av and Tfue & Scoped is bringing much-needed attention to competitive Fortnite.

It’s no secret that many of the OGs of competitive Fortnite have left the game. We’ve come a long way from NickMercs and SypherPK winning the first-ever Friday Fortnite pub-stomping tournament.

Now, we’re in the era of cracked teenagers. Nearly everyone over the age of 21 is designated as “washed.” Chap and Tfue are two outliers. They’ve been in the mix since the beginning and are still performing at a high level.

Part of their success has to do with their team selection. Tfue has been one of the best talent scouts in all of Fortnite. He recruited Khanada to be on his team and added a Scoped as a duo when both players were relatively unknown by fans.

Tfue and Chap have run in the same circles of Fortnite. They’ve rubbed elbows with one another and always seemed to get along. The Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS competition has, however, injected a bit of friction between the two and their teammates.

Over the past few weeks, the Chap and Av vs. Tfue and Scoped matchup has turned into a full-blown rivalry. Both teams land at The Grotto and have been regularly fighting for the POI and all that it holds.

Things have been getting toxic as well – but the fun kind of toxic. Both teams trash talk one another and get salty but never seem to take things too far. As a viewer, you get the sense that both of them will have fond memories of the rivalry when they move on from Fortnite.

The fights have been relatively even as well. Some weeks, Tfue and Scoped get the better of things. Other weeks, Chap and AV come out on top.

This past weekend, Chap and AV had the advantage over Tfue and Scoped. They even met in a late-game situation, where Chap took a 1v2 and had some choice words for his rivals.

Neither team is backing off of The Grotto. There’s no arrangement between the two teams to share the spot. If they land there, then they’re fighting. This buddy-buddy stuff ends with Tfue and Chap.

This is, truly, the rivalry that competitive Fortnite has been waiting for. We have two pillars of competitive Fortnite in Tfue and Chap with their controller-god teammates Scoped and Av. As CLG Jay put it, “Tfue and Chap are trainers. Scoped and Av are the Pokemon.”

In an era dominated by foul-mouthed youngin’s, this is the rivalry that will keep casual viewers coming back. Great minds, battling it out; and we’ve got a front-row seat.

We can only hope that both of these duos continue to fight for the Grotto. This is the antidote to the week 1 ‘teaming’ scandal that rocked competitive Fortnite.

Iron sharpens iron. No love lost. Throw out the record books. AFC North football. This is what we came here to see.


Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 Challenge guide

All challenges for Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 and how to complete them – including the Upstate New York and Heart Lake locations.



Fortnitemares is here, bringing a new list of challenges for players to complete. That doesn’t mean that the weekly challenges are slowing down as players finish up the Battle Pass and work their way to the holographic skins.

The challenges for Season 4 Week 9 are relatively easy. As usual, we’ll be collecting materials, eliminating players, and driving from point A to point B – this time in a boat. Here are all of the Season 4 Week 9 Fortnite challenges:

  • Search Chests at Upstate New York
  • Eliminations at Lazy Lake
  • Collect Metal from Slurpy Swamp
  • Catch fish at Heart Lake
  • Eliminate opponents by hitting them with vehicles
  • Drive a boat from The Fortilla to The Authority in less than 4 minutes
  • Ride 20,000 meters in a vehicle
  • Deal damage to opponents at Sentinel Graveyard
Sentinel head dirty docks

We’re going to be getting into some road rage this week while we hit opponents with a car. This one is going to be fun. you have the best chance of completing this one by landing at Stark Industries, hopping into a car, and slamming into the people who land with you.

At first glance, we weren’t sure where Upstate New York or Heart Lake was. As it turns out, these two places are one and the same. Upstate New York is the massive chunk of land that’s home to Stark Industries. Heart Lake is the lake in the center of it.

Now that you know where to go for the Upstate New York and Heart Lake challenges, the rest of these should be as easy as playing a few challenge-focused games.

As always, we’ll keep you posted with all of the upcoming Fortnite challenges. Follow us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL to stay up to date with all of the latest Fortnite news, challenges, memes, and more.

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Fortnitemares: Midas’ Revenge challenge guide

A guide to all of the released and leaked Fortnitemares 2020 challenges.



Fortnitemares 2020 is here, bringing players a ton of new content to enjoy. We have Zombie Shadows giving players the ability to respawn, some new locations to explore, and Midas’ return from the dead after being eaten by a shark.

Of course, with a new event comes a list of challenges and rewards. We only have three available challenges at the time of writing, but data miners were able to clue us into what else will be coming in the future. Here are all of the challenges you’ll need to complete this Fortnitemares season:

  • Become a Shadow
  • Travel 100 meters on a Witch Broom
  • Eat Candy
  • Deal damage with a Possessed Vehicle
  • Detect players as a Shadow
  • Eliminate Shadow Midas
  • Eliminate shadows as Player
  • Visit Different Witch Shacks
  • Consume legendary loot as a Shadow

As we said, only the first three challenges are available at the time of writing. Becoming a Shadow is easy as staying in the game after you die. If you do this three times, you’ll complete the first stage of the challenge.

Witch Brooms can be found at the Witch Shacks scattered around the map. We’ll have a separate guide to these posted when the next stage of the challenges come to the game. You can find that linked here.

Candy is found all over the map, but the best place to find it could be at Doom’s Domain. It looks like Doom’s Henchmen have left out some candy for the kids. See? They’re not all bad.

r/FortNiteBR - Either Pleasant Park isn't as besieged as it seems, or the Doom Henchmen are passing out candy for Trick or Treat

Possessed vehicles have been in the game for a while – often called “dancing cars” before Fortnitemares came out. To find one, you’ll need to hop inside, exit, and see if the car starts jumping around. If it does, then you can use it for the damage challenge.

Finishing these challenges will net you some unique rewards including a back bling, a weapon wrap, two emoticons, and an exclusive pickaxe. Out of all of the recent limited-time rewards, this lineup is one of the best.

Fortnitemares Challenge Rewards

We’ll continue to update this post as more challenges become available. You won’t want to miss out on these limited-time rewards, so make sure you’re staying up to date with all of your Fortnitemares challenges!

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How to get the Shadow Midas Drum Gun in Fortnitemares

Want Midas’ Drum Gun this Forntitemares season? Here’s how to get the only mythic weapon in Fortnite.



Fortnitemares Midas' drum gun

Fortnitemare’s 2020 is here, and Midas is back in action after the minor setback of being eaten by a shark. Our old friend might not be in the game for the rest of the season, but he’ll be a boss until the end of Fortnitemares – scheduled for November 2.

As you might expect, Midas is patrolling his old headquarters at The Agency, which is now a Shadow-controlled POI called “The Ruins.” Here, you’ll find a plethora of RPG-wielding Henchmen who are more than willing to go down with the ship. Make sure that you have plenty of materials before aggravating one of them.

On the roof of The Ruins, you can see the remnants of the séance that brought Midas back to life. There’s a circle of candles with Midas’ golden chair in the center of them – levitating off of the ground.

Now, let’s talk about Midas’ Drum Gun. It’s not exactly the same as it was the first time around. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that Midas is carrying Jules’ Drum Gun from Season 3. This is, of course, the nerfed version of the weapon after the Season 2 Drum Gun performed far too well.

Anyone who played Fortnite during Season 3 knows that the Drum Gun wasn’t worth carrying back then. This was a season that featured the normal SMG, P90, and Rapid-Fire SMG, making the Mythic Drum Gun an afterthought.

Now, however, we only have the Silenced SMG and Tactical SMG – both with slower fire rates than the current Drum Gun. When you combine the Drum Gun’s fire rate with its larger clip size and increased damage/range, it becomes the best spray weapon in Season 4. The Drum Gun is an interesting example of how a meta shift can impact a single weapon in Fortnite.

The method of finding the Drum Gun is the same as it was in the past two seasons. You need to land at The Ruins, fight off other players, find, Midas, burn down all of his health, and take his weapon. This time, however, you’ll need to contest with the dozens of players falling from the sky as Shadow zombies.

The Ruins has to be the most dangerous place on the map – and it probably will be for the duration of the Fortnitemares event. Is the Drum Gun worth the massive risk of landing here? That decision is yours to make.

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