Tfue’s crusade against controller players continues, as he claims that the majority of Fortnite players will use a controller and play on low ping in the future.

We’ve covered Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s battle with controller players for months. He’s not a fan of them, to say the least.


During a recent stream, Tfue went so far as to say that controller players and players with low ping are making the game “unplayable” in the long run.

He estimated that the controller takeover will happen within a year, forcing keyboard and mouse players out of the game.

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For context, Tfue died in a match after attempting to replace his opponent’s wall. The issue of 50/50 replacement has been a topic since Chapter 2 first came out. Many players with high ping are still finding it difficult to take walls, which leads the community to believe that ping is still the deciding factor.

“As more time goes on, more and more people stop playing this game who are on high ping,” the streamer explained to his viewers. “I go into a lobby and, like, 90% of the players already have an advantage over me and it’s f***ing really stupid.

Tfue then pulled up the Paint app to make a graph that illustrated his point. He made a map of the US and dotted it in green to show keyboard and mouse players. Tfue then drew a huge red circle in the Northeast region of the map to show where “low-ass ping controller players” live.

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Opinion Time

Why did controller players factor into this graph? Your guess is as good as mine. Tfue has a history of hating controller players, so it’s not that surprising.

Ping is an issue in Fortnite – much more so than in other games. You might get shot around a corner in CoD with high ping, which is annoying in itself. In Fortnite, though, someone with lower ping can take your wall, edit, and get a shot off quicker than any of your movements will register.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support
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Every Fortnite player deals with this issue – no matter what platform they use. Fortnite players are scattered around the country and the world, which means there are probably more high-ping players than low-ping players.

Controller players got sniped at in this clip, for no inherent reason. The truth of the matter is that most Fortnite players probably already use a controller.

Consoles are much cheaper and more common than PC setups. They’re also usually the preferred platform for younger players in a game that skews to a younger audience.

Console players, on the whole, don’t want to get matched up with elite PC players like Tfue, anyway. Most of the community is against the forced cross-platform change that Epic made, and few would argue if they backtracked on it.

Tfue has predicted the death of Fortnite countless times in the past. He hasn’t been right yet. Let’s see what happens.

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