Even though Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney disappointed at the Fortnite World Cup Finals, he still showed he has what it takes to be the best as he squad-wiped Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller, Daniel ‘Dubs’ Walsh, and Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf.

Competitive Fortnite was originally played in solo and duo modes, but with Season X, Epic is focusing heavily on Trios.

There have already been several Trio teams formed creating some of the best teams Fortnite has ever seen.

IMG: Epic Games

In the middle of a scrim on August 10, Tfue was playing with Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore and Thomas ’72hrs’ Mulligan when Tfue was contested at his landing spot at the meteor outside of Salty Springs.

The Floridian wound up walking away from the encounter with three eliminations and a handful of words to say to his enemies.

Is Tfue still the best?

Tfue tried to land on the meteor but was immediately contested by Ghost Gaming’s Bizzle. The ex-FaZe Clan pro was able to quickly down his enemy while tossing a coy “I don’t know who this dumbass is.”

Unfortunately for Tfue, his teammates were a distance away so they could not defend their ally, but that didn’t matter. The 21-year-old was more than capable of handling a 2v1, and he did.

Bugha and Dubs began to push Tfue who only had a grey tactical shotgun and a green pistol, but they were quickly eliminated.

“You’re f***ing trash! Get the f*** out of my game!” He continued with his trash talk by telling the Trio of Dubs, Bizzle, and Bugha to, “Suck my f*cking dick, bitch. 1v3? Suck my f*cking c*ck Bizzle, Dubs, and Bugha. Lick my gooch too, buddy.”

Knocking an entire trio by yourself is not easy, especially when each member is a Fortnite World Cup finalist. In fact, Bugha won the Fortnite Solo event and walked away with $3 million.

While Tfue was not able to put on the show we expected at the World Cup, the 21-year-old still looks locked and ready to remain one of the best Fortnite players in the world.

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