Nick Eh 30 typically has a family-friendly stream, however, Tfue ruined it in a hysterical fashion.

Many Fortnite streamers choose to advertise the age range of their stream, saying it is good for all audiences or letting viewers know that there might be some mature content or language.


NickEh30 is one of the more family-friendly streamers in the Fortnite community and he has built up a massive audience given his positive personality and age-appropriate content. Tfue has also built up a massive audience, but positivity and being age-appropriate are not parts of his stream.

So when Nick was spectating Tfue and commentating over it, his stream caught a glimpse of Tfue’s thoughts towards the game and its developers:

In case that was a bit hard to catch, here’s what Tfue said: “Alright, I’m backing out of this f***ing dog s*** ass creative laggy ass f***in p**** ass little b****…”

Not exactly family friendly there.

This isn’t Tfue’s fault of course, he had no idea Nick was watching his stream and even then he has no responsibility to change his normal content for Nick’s audience.

This is just a funny moment and a hilarious contrast between the two main types of Fortnite streamers.

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