Tfue had a rough weekend in Miami. He opened up to his stream about getting robbed for his expensive watch.

Placing second at the Fortnite Streamer Bowl was probably the peak of Tfue’s Super Bowl weekend, considering it all seemed to go downhill from there.

The streamer was jacked for his Audemars Piguet watch and later pickpocketed for his cellphone. The whole weekend likely cost him around $30,000 in theft alone when it was all said and done.

Everyone was happy to hear that Tfue was okay, but wanted to know more about what happened over the weekend. Tfue only gave us the facts on Twitter, but eventually opened up to his stream when he went live again.

Via: Instagram/Tfue

Tfue responded to a viewer asking him to tell the story, “I’ll tell it to the best of my ability, but the last two nights I was very intoxicated.”

He then went on to explain the sequence of events. Tfue wanted to do some partying after his second-place finish and ended up going to E11EVEN – a popular 24-hour nightclub in Miami. He skipped the line and got inside.

“At this point, I don’t even know where any of my friends are,” the streamer explained. “I don’t even know what time it is. It’s like 5 AM and I’m like f*** it, like, I’m gonna go back to the hotel.”

Tfue then described his fatal error. He didn’t want to wait for an Uber with everyone else, so he walked a block away and waited on a side street. It was then that three guys walked up to the streamer and tried to steal his watch.

One of the young men started grabbing Tfue, which prompted a, “Don’t f***in’ touch me,” from Tfue. “Then, he tries to f***in’ grab me, and I f***in pick the kid up and I slam him,” Tfue told his chat.

The robber then went for Tfue’s watch, which eventually broke off of his wrist as the three ran away. Tfue said that he was so drunk that he didn’t want to chase the robbers down. “Honestly, it was probably a good thing that I was hammered because if I was sober, I probably would’ve chased them down and I would probably be in jail.”

“These kids weren’t that big,” Tfue explained. “I know I’m scrawny, but these kids were just as scrawny as me – if not scrawnier – and shorter. I probably would’ve bodied all three of them.”

Thankfully, Tfue is okay after the ordeal. He’s back home and streaming again after the Streamer Bowl and Super Bowl.

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