Tfue, the Fortnite esports legend, missed his scheduled flight to New York City for the Fortnite World Cup Finals!

You know those times your parents are telling you its time to leave for something, but you’ve really got to get that sweet Victory Royale? Well, Tfue looks to have run into a similar issue as he’s missed his scheduled flight to New York for the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Could this mean that the king of Battle Royale won’t be able to play in the Cup? No, it does not. The Solos Finals start on Sunday, so we can all have a laugh at Tfue’s unfortunate mishap without worry.

Tfue misses Fortnite World Cup Finals flight

Early on Thursday morning on July 25, Tfue sent out a tweet that was equal parts frightful and comedic. It appears that Tfue may have been too focused on getting those Battle Pass challenges completed rather than packing for the Finals journey.

OK, before we poke any more fun at the pro, let’s get something straight. This does not mean that Tfue will miss the whole event or anything of the sort. Dozens of flights leave for New York City from other major city in the US every single day. More than likely, he’s already arrived in NYC by the time we’re done writing here.

We’d like to give credit to Tfue for his ability to joke about such an annoying situation. Many people become extremely irritated when they are forced to shift schedules when travelling. If you’ve ever flown before, you’ll have seen those individuals who just lose their all composure the second something goes wrong.

Instead Tfue decided to make light of the problem by simply saying ‘Thanks Fortnite’ in reference to people blaming the game for every one of our modern world’s problems. Without the joke, we might have jumped to the wrong conclusion. A short, but sweet roller-coaster tweet.

Tfue giving us heart attacks…

Now, what actually caused the man to miss his flight is up in the air (get it?). While the most boring conclusion is probably the right one, let’s just say he played Fortnite a tad too long and couldn’t quite make it because some kid held him in a 1v1 fight for five whole minutes.

In truth, the actual cause was presumably intense traffic. Or maybe Tfue forgot his toothbrush at his home. The world may never know.

Fortnite World Cup Finals Solos & Duos Finals

World Cup Finals begin July 26

Tfue’s going to have plenty of time to make it to NYC as the Solos Finals kickoff on Sunday, July 28.

Before that, the Duos Finals event will be played entirely on Saturday, July 27. Both events will be played at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. The arena can hold around 20,000 live spectators.

Epic’s additionally hosting the Creative Finals and a new Celebrity Pro-Am event as an appetizer on Friday, July 26.

According to Epic, you’ll be able to watch the event via Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and the in-game viewers. Epic introduced a new beta-version ‘Picture in Picture’ streaming option which will allow you to play and watch at the same time. It’s among the coolest technical upgrades Fortnite has gotten in quite some time.

Will you be watching as titans clash in the most heated competition in Fortnite’s history?

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