Fortnite superstar Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he tried out the aim assist exploit on PC using a mouse and keyboard.

The debate surrounding aim assist in Fortnite has been around almost as long as the popular battle royale itself.

Those on controller have argued that the mechanic is needed to help them with aim, while mouse and keyboard users claim it’s way too powerful and offers too much of an advantage.

Now, someone has figured out how to combine the two and allow players to have the advantage of aim assist while on M+KB, which is, of course, illegal to use in the casual and competitive playlists.

Piquing his interest, Tfue decided to give this exploit a go in Creative mode, and realized just how powerful that combination really is.

Image result for tfue fortnite controller
Tfue realizing that he can have a controller-type aim assist on his PC with mouse and keyboard.

“Yo chat, should I play scrims with aim assist on keyboard and mouse,” he asked his viewers. “I think it’ll f*ck my aim up dude.”

After tinkering with some settings, he loaded into a Creative lobby and began experimenting with his new deadly aim.

“Yeah it’s working dude, it’s just following dude,” he said, while hitting most of his shots from long range. “I have flawless tracking! It’s just follows bro!”

Realizing just how unfair that kind of mechanic would be if used in actual games, his excitement suddenly turn to apprehension, as he began calling for the exploit to be patch by Epic Games.

“Bro they need to patch this aim assist sh*t dude, before people start abusing it,” he said. “People already do abuse it, but now PC players are going to have it? Everyone’s going to have the hard aim that I worked for, with no hard work!”

(Video begins at 0:37 mark for mobile users)

There is no doubt that being able to use aim assist on PC with keyboard and mouse is a devastating combination, as it would likely break the game and make many players unstoppable.

That said, there’s also virtually no chance that Epic Games would allow such a thing to continue to exist, so those currently using it shouldn’t expect to be able to abuse the mechanic much longer.

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