Just when you thought most Fortnite strategies were set, Tfue began using the start of the game to gain a leg up.

While he wasn’t the first streamer to pull off this move – that would be Comikazie – but he is going to vault the strategy into the public.

Plus Tfue can use this strategy for a competitive advantage. While Comikazie has been doing the strategy, he isn’t a pro player which has kept it fairly under the radar.

But with the Fortnite World Cup approaching, it will be interesting to see if Tfue tries to use this strategy during the solo competition.

Here you can see Tfue running across spawn island and somehow marking a llama in the snow biome. That mark stays there as he takes off on the bus giving him the ability to fly straight down to the source of loot and mats.

“They talk about my fuckin llamas bitch.” In just this clip its easy to see why Tfue is so popular on Twitch, he’s hilarious and stupid good at Fortnite.

So can Tfue use this strategy in the Fortnite World Cup? To be honest, I’m not sure. I don’t remember players entering spawn island in LAN events, but that may be because they stick on the broadcast desk until the bus is in the air.

Or it may be because spawn island isn’t necessary when everyone is already on a local connection. I’m honestly not sure.

If it is possible, Tfue will absolutely use this strategy as it is basically free information. Knowing where a llama is allows you to drop on it and rotate into a city, or drop at a location nearby and rotate directly to it. Either way, you are likely to end up with much better loot than just a random drop.

Give the strategy a try on your own game whenever you play. But beware, it is super difficult to pull off. It seems like Comikazie may be one of the few people who know how to do it, and he shared the secret with Tfue.

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