The Tfue – FaZe drama is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Now Tfue’s brother is carrying the mantle.

At this point it is safe to assume everyone has heard about the details to this lawsuit. Tfue claims his contract is unfair, FaZe claims they made Tfue what he is today and KEEMSTAR broadcasts the whole thing.

Back when the allegations were first published, one allegation stood out among the rest. That was the underage Fortnite player who everyone immediately identified as HighSky.

While the lawsuit is still pending, HighSky has had to deal with some of the fall out. The young streamer’s Twitch and Twitter channels were both suspended as a result. KEEMSTAR has made sure to remind Tfue of that daily.

While Tfue hasn’t said anything himself, he has retweeted a couple of memes directed towards KEEM.

But the latest drama of the day has been Tfue’s brother @Joogsquad claiming he was actually the one who had the idea for Friday Fortnite.

He tweeted out that he was there at the beginning but then deleted it after, not to worry, KEEM made sure to get a screenshot:

KEEM’s storyline definitely does seem more likely. Founding a Fortnite tournament focused on clout is basically KEEM’s bread and butter.

Plus that circle he named are more likely to be associated with KEEM and this wouldn’t be the first time we heard Joogsquad’s role in founding Friday Fortnite if he did have one.

If you don’t trust KEEM (valid), you probably still do trust Mr. Beast who confirmed his story of founding FF in a room with Banks and RiceGum.

We obviously haven’t heard the end of this drama yet but we can expect the tweets to keep rolling in as long as KEEMSTAR keeps reminding people about the HighSky situation.

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