Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is considering moving to a 0-ping location to help him perform better in Fortnite tournaments.

Fortnite has revolutionized what it means to compete in esports tournaments. Instead of players risking their time and hard-earned money to fly to LAN tournaments, Epic makes it easy for them by hosting online-only tournaments.


NickMercs even went so far as to call the young Fortnite pros “completely spoiled” for their large prize pools at very little risk.

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That’s not to say that Fortnite pros aren’t putting it on the line to get every advantage that they can. Young pros are moving their families to locations that are closer to the server – giving them lower ping for online competitions.

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Tfue, while only 22, is considered one of the older Fortnite pros in a space that’s largely dominated by teenagers. He has the financial security to move wherever he wants but has always returned to Florida at the end of the day.

The streamer and pro player also has notoriously bad ping. He competes against some of the best players in the world while facing ping that would often make a casual player complain.

During a recent FNCS viewing stream with Chap and Physics, Tfue discussed the idea of moving closer to the east-coast Fortnite servers to get better ping.

“I was looking at … kinda, like, DC and … Ashburn (Virginia). In between Ashburn and DC. They actually have crazy f***in’ nice houses right outside of Virginia.”

Tfue has been one of the only consistent performers for the duration of Fortnite esports. He was there at the beginning – winning Friday Fortnite tournaments – and he’s still nearing the top of the leaderboards in his recent FNCS performances.

Tfue on single-digit ping is a scary thought. He performs well on his Florida ping. If he’s able to consistently take walls, we might be looking at the next World Cup winner.

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