Epic Games has had problems with adding broken weapons or items to the game that change the pro meta.

There are plenty of examples of this happening since the beginning of the year, and now Tfue thinks there may be another issue incoming.

“Hot Spots” were added in v9.10 and place flying drones in random locations on the map. When shot down, these drones drop high quality loot, better than the average chest spawn.

Weapons like gold RPGs and Heavy Snipers are the most sought after, but almost all loot that drops from these will be worth considering depending on the current loadout.

While Tfue is surrounded by controversy, he still managed to solo qualify for the World Cup again this past weekend. That is his third qualification, two in solos and one in duos.

While that doesn’t actually do anything for him – besides get him some immediate cash – it is interesting to see that his ongoing suit of FaZe Clan doesn’t seem to be impacting his Fortnite game.

Tfue’s thoughts on Hot Spots

While playing a casual game over the weekend, Tfue dropped at Pleasant Park which was marked as a Hot Spot.

After shooting down multiple drones, he was able to secure a crazy powerful loadout from just his landing location.

“If I can shoot down a lil shit drone and get an RPG, I’m fuckin sending it,” he said on stream. His full thoughts on Hot Spots are compiled in the video below:

While not as big of a nuisance as The Baller or Drum Gun to competitive players, the addition of these different mechanics to the game pose more issues.

There will be more and more focus on the Fortnite meta as we approach the World Cup Finals. It will be interesting to see what Epic aims for as they host the largest esports tournament of all time by prize pool.

How do Hot Spots change the competitive meta?

Hot Spots pose problems for pros for a couple of reasons. To start, they can force you to change strategy. Every pro has one, maybe two, locations that they prefer to drop at.

It is better to know all the ins and outs of one spot than to split that same amount of time over five different locations. Hot Spots can force pros to change strategy on the fly.

That isn’t always a bad thing, but the “lol, adapt” meta has been a consistent problem for Fortnite esports.

Depending on quality of loot, pros may feel like they have to drop Hot Spots in order to not be falling behind. Taking out all the different strategies that go into choosing a landing location and just replacing that with flying drones with powerful weapons isn’t good for the competitive integrity of the game.

On the other hand, Hot Spots actually do come with a balance. Because the spot is clearly marked, these areas come with a high risk, high reward play.

Their chances to die off spawn become higher, but so do their opportunities to rack up some kills and leave with a much higher level of loot than the rest of the lobby.

Hot Spots will likely be the focus points of the World Cup broadcast during the drop session for the finals. Right now this is all speculation because we have no idea if Hot Spots will even be in the game by the World Cup finals, but every new mechanic needs to be closely examined for how it will affect that event.

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