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Tfue goes after organization for trying to “expose” him

Tfue went all-in on an organization for “exposing” him for his behavior during the Fortnite Champion Series.



Tfue went all-in on an organization for “exposing” him for his behavior during the Fortnite Champion Series.

It’s no secret that Tfue and Scoped land at The Grotto. In fact, the duo’s landing spot has led to one of the best rivalries in competitive Fortnite between them and the team of Chap and Av.

This past weekend, during the FNCS Finals, Tfue and Scoped were contested by another team of smaller streamers. The former duo got the better of the fights, which culminated in the latter grabbing the vault keycard and running away.

As you can expect, Tfue didn’t like this strategy. He and Scoped chased them and eliminated the duo. “Why are these kids in last place trying to grief us? You f**king suck,” Tfue said.

Via: Epic Games

“50th place, trying to run off with The Grotto keycard in front of 100,000 people. How embarrassing,” he added.

The competing duo had TTV in their name, so Tfue’s viewers, naturally, went to their channels and started talking trash. Due to the fact that these two players had 0 points in the sixth game, Tfue accused them of trying to grief him and Scoped – something that happens a lot to big streamers in competitive Fortnite.

The two smaller streamers belong to gaming organization Starving Hustlers, and the hubbub prompted a video from their Twitter account, calling out Tfue.

As you can see, the video laid out the fact that the duo, Oops and Aiden, had been landing at The Grotto far longer than Tfue. The main point of the video was that this team wasn’t intentionally griefing Tfue and Scoped and that they didn’t disserve the backlash.

Tfue’s viewers took things too far. One viewer even went so far as to reveal the location of the competing duos. All of this triggered a response from Tfue, who pulled no punches. “Holy f**k, they’ve been landing there forever, dude!

“They probably have so much experience in The Grotto. Dude, I would never want to land on somebody that exp- oh s**t, what the- oh, they got 0 kills in six games,” Tfue joked as he scrolled down to the bottom of the FNCS standings.

“I don’t give a f**k how long anyone has been landing anywhere. If I show up at any POI and I s**t on you, get the f**k out,” he boasted, “Or else you’re gonna do bad, which they did. They got dead-last place.”

Tfue went on to say that if he were landing somewhere and continued to lose, he’d switch up his landing spot. “Bro, if I got s**t on five games in a row, what the f**k in your brain would you think, ‘hey, maybe the sixth time we can go back and it’ll be different’?”

Tfue then chastised the person who made the video for calling on Tfue to control his chat. In response to the complaints of viewers switching streams, Tfue said, “No s**t, bro. I have 100,000 g**d**n viewers on Twitch and you’re landing on us trying to ruin our f**king tournament, you braindead idiot.”

No streamer advocates doxxing, but Tfue hammered-home the fact that he can’t control everyone. “Like that doesn’t happen to me at all? Like f**king SWAT teams haven’t shown up to my parents’ house with f**king AR-15s pointed at them?”

It’s clear that Tfue took all of this pretty seriously, dismantling each point made by the video. Streamers like Tfue get clout farmed and griefed all of the time. This team ran off with the vault key. It’s easy to understand why Tfue took this stance – even if the griefing wasn’t intentional.

Whatever you might think about this situation, Tfue doubled-down on his original comments. He’s not apologizing for how he reacted, no matter who has a problem with it.

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Fortnite leaks reveal another Stranger Things collab coming to Season 3

The Upside Down is set to collide with the loop once again as another Stranger Things collaboration is arriving to Fortnite soon. Here are more details about it.




The infamous collaboration between Stranger Things and Fortnite wasn’t as big when it was first introduced in Fortnite back in 2019. Loopers were disappointed by the cosmetics that the collab brought into the game but at present, it remains one of the rarest items in-game.

Fortnite is known for collaborating with popular culture films and TV shows pretty often and brings several characters from their respective franchises to the looped island. In the past, major characters like Star Lord (Marvel), Batman (The Dark Knight), Rick and Morty were added in the game as skins accompanied by their famous props as cosmetic items like Back Blings, Pickaxes and Gliders.

However, when it comes to major TV shows, Stranger Things was a phenomenon back in 2019 when its second season was underway. The show gained hype in its initial days as fans loved the entire 80s vibe of sci-fi and horror as the kids went against the Upside Down and save Hawkins.

The collab soon hit the Fortnite Item Shop but to the surprise of the player base, the only skins they received were an ugly looking Demogorgon and extremely buffed Chief Hopper skins, while they were expecting Eleven and the gang. However, latest leaks might bring good news to those fans and new skins into the game.

Fortnite skins are coming soon in Season 3 ahead of its finale release

According to several leaks that emerged after the recent v21.10 update in Fortnite Season 3, items like “WaffleWarrior” were added to the game files. Now according to theory, in the Stranger Things series, its protagonist Eleven is the only character who is extremely fond of Eggos Waffles.

The tag “WaffleWarrior” hints towards her and it might be the case that ahead of the release of Season 4 finale next week, Eleven could be an in-game skin that could be added to the shop soon. Moreover, it has nearly been 3 years since the skins from the Netflix series were last seen in the Item Shop.

However, fans are already creating crossover concepts of characters from both Fortnite and Stranger Things. Recently a concept artist by the name of Feraalsy created a video of Peely being possessed by Vecna.

The concept video shows Vecna’s skin concept as well as Prisoner Jones present alongside with Peely. Although it is a brilliant concept, the current hype of the series highly suggests a collaboration incoming to Fortnite soon later this season.

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Fortnite leak reveals Zero Build Team Rumble coming to game soon

Fortnite is adding more fun to its Zero Build game mode as they plan to expand it to a fully fledged Team Rumble. Here’s the latest on it.



zero build fortnite

The popularity of a Zero Build Mode in Fortnite has been growing everyday with new players joining the looped island. Moreover, the mode promises a fun and casual side of the game that loopers had never experienced before.

Fortnite is known for introducing exciting new gameplay elements and its wide range of weapons arsenal to its player base. Though OG Sweats still like to stick to their old ways of cranking 90s and build fight their enemies across the loop, casual players are having their amount of fun in Zero Build mode where they purely focus on their combat skills.

Over the course of the past few months, the popularity of Zero Build mode has increased and has become a staple in the entire Battle Royale gaming community. Nobody would have ever imagined Fortnite without building, and here it stands tall with 5 million new active players since the addition of the game mode.

As loopers continue to vibe in Season 3 with all new things including Reality Tree and Ballers, certain leaks revealed that a popular casual game mode is about to be introduced with Zero Build mechanics very soon.

Zero Build to arrive in Team Rumble in Fortnite soon

According to leaks on social media, Epic Games are working on a Zero Build version of Team Rumble as data for Zero Build “Big Battle” LTM was added with the v21.10 update that dropped this Tuesday. Moreover, this mode will be a standalone mode alongside the regular team rumble and will have similar rules to the earlier one.

However, the question that stands in the minds of loopers is that how will players redeploy themselves if they cannot build themselves to a high ground. Team Rumble is all about infinite respawns in a match where two large teams go against one another and redeploy them off a high ground.

Moreover, when players thought Fortnite was a dead game and were done with most of the game mechanics and weapons meta, Zero Build came as a blessing and saw the return of several old players join back the game. Pros like TFUE, Dr. Disrespect and Ninja started streaming the game again and highly praised the Zero Build game mode.

However, the team rumble mode was the only game mode in Fortnite that was untouched by Zero Build as players like to practice their builds and fights in the island in that mode. But that will soon change for Zero Build players as well as they’d be able to test weapons, complete quests and have a casual fun time playing Fortnite on the island.

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How to get Starmapping Wrap for free in Fortnite Season 3

Another PlayStation exclusive tournament arrives in Fortnite with the release of a new season and it rewards participants who play. Here’s what you can get.




An exclusive PlayStation based tournament is incoming later this month for console players and rewards each participant with a free wrap. Alongside it, winners are in for cash prizes and the prize pool this time around is extremely generous.

Fortnite and PlayStation has had a bunch of collabs ranging from tournaments to exclusive skin packs and the console platform rewarding players with free skins as part of their premium membership program. These cosmetics are highly exclusive and still have a good reputation amongst the player base.

However, there is a separate exclusivity for those cosmetics which one can win or reward themselves with upon playing a certain tournament and grabbing those rewards. Several of these cosmetics are in the form of a cosmetic wrap, emoticon or even skins that sometimes never hit the Item Shop for others to purchase.

With the release of the latest Chapter 3 Season 3, players have just started introducing themselves to new tournaments and farming those Arena hype points to reach contender and champion league. While the grind continues, a console only tournament for PS4 & PS5 players is set to arrive later this month where players can get a free cosmetic wrap.

Play the June Fortnite PlayStation Cup to win a free wrap and more rewards

According to recent news, a Fortnite tournament is set to hit the game next week for PS4 & PS5 players only where they will have a chance to win a share of a whopping $116,750 which is placement based. However, there are several amounts allocated to each region depending upon the number of active player it hosts.

Moreover, the mode of tournament will be a regular Solos match with Builds enabled and a traditional Battle Royale will take place with all competitive features enabled. So you can jump in to the game without having to find a partner or team up with someone with bad comms or network lag.

Additionally, players who score more than 8 points throughout the tournament will receive a stunning Starmapping wrap that will be awarded once the tournament ends. The wrap will be available for players to equip in their locker and can only be availed between June 28 to June 30.

The wrap looks identical to several animated wraps that have hit the item shop before as well. However, the PS exclusive wrap will hold its exclusivity as only console players will be able to flaunt them like they do with OG skins like Neo Versa etc.

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