The ‘ghost peek’ exploit is back in Fortnite.

For those who don’t know, ghost peeking refers to peeking out of your structures without exposing yourself at all. This involves quickly uncrouching, shooting, and crouching again before your opponent can react.

A lot of top-level Fortnite players were using this strategy back in the day, but it was a hallmark of Tfue’s streams. He was one of the more popular streamers to use this strategy and influenced a lot of other players to try it out.

Epic eventually disabled this tactic when it caught on. Crouch peeking like this took a fair amount of skill at the time but was becoming more and more popular the longer it was in the game.

Well, two years later and the exploit is back in the game. You can now ghost peek through edited cones, allowing you to shoot opponents without ever exposing yourself.

SypherPK saw this post on the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit and created a tutorial for the practice. All you need to have is a few extra keys and some timing.

You can complete this exploit with your regular keybinds but, as Sypher explains, using new keybinds makes the exploit a whole lot easier.

You can likely use this exploit on controller as well, but it’s going to take a lot more practice and precise timing. This isn’t going to be as powerful or as consistent as the first ghost peeking exploit, but it’s still worth knowing.

There are always going to be exploits in Fortnite. The less glaring they are, the longer they fly under the radar. This one has all the markings of an exploit that will stay in Fortnite for a few months – or at least until some top-level players start using it.

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