Only one more week of World Cup qualifier matches remains as we approach the big event and bugs are still causing issues.

With qualifiers taking a week off this weekend to focus on the Summer Block Party, the run up to the World Cup is almost done.

And with each week that passes, bugs that happen in game become more impactful.

Especially when they happen to the biggest player on the planet. During last weekend’s qualifiers Tfue used a Shadow Bomb and when he reached the action his game froze up.

Luckily he doesn’t die, at least not in that clip, but that is only because he was able to use another Shadow Bomb to get away from the action.

Bugs happen. Especially in Fortnite where 100 unique perspectives have to be rendered at once, but when they happen to the biggest player in the middle of a competitive event, it is bad for Fortnite.

At the World Cup, these bugs would be cause for ridicule from the mainstream esports community. Obviously there are quite a few differences between the LAN setting of the World Cup and online qualifiers so hopefully these bugs don’t happen.

Tfue has already qualified in solos (twice) so this bug wasn’t brutal towards him, but who knows how many other players bugs like this hurt.

There are absolutely people who would have qualified for the World Cup who didn’t because some bug happened in the game at the worst possible time.

Hopefully Epic gets these things sorted out soon, but with new weapons being added each week, more bugs are being introduced as others are being fixed.

What’s the most annoying bug you have been encountering recently?

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