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Tfue forced to exploit his way under the map to try and save Scoped

Tfue used his superior glitch knowledge to try to save his teammate



Tfue always seems to know Fortnite exploits like the back of his hand. He was one of the primary players who used the door and edit exploits to take free shots back in the day. It was always a hallmark of his playstyle, even if it wasn’t intended.

It seems as though Tfue’s exploit knowledge goes as far as ways to get under the map, which served him well during a recent stream. He and his teammate, Scoped, found themselves stuck under the map in The Grotto during a pro scrimmage.

(0:23 for mobile viewers)

Tfue was able to get himself unstuck with his boat-exploit knowledge, but Scoped wasn’t so lucky. Tfue even went back under the map to try and get his card.

The game drew first blood, after all. It’s only right that Tfue uses his knowledge of exploits to try and salvage his game. Season 3 will undoubtedly open the door to some more glitches and exploits, and we can expect Tfue to be on the cutting edge of them, as always.

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Why did Fortnite disable free Bushy’s Bulb back bling in Season 3?

Bushy’s Bulb backling is a free reward in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 but Epic Games has temporarily disabled it from all playlists.



Fortnite Bushy's Bulb back bling

After handing out Bushy’s Bulb backbling to the Fortnite community for free, Epic Games has blocked it from all modes for a rather unusual reason.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement that Bushy’s Bulb back bling has been one of the most popular cosmetics in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. This is primarily because players can unlock it for free by completing certain quests.

Here’s why loopers can no longer don the Bushy’s Bulb back bling in Zero Build, Arena, or any other game mode.

Fortnite players have reported performance issues after unlocking Bushy’s Bulb back bling

As it turns out, the Bushy’s Bulb back bling has a negative effect on Fortnite’s performance as soon as players unlock it. From constant glitches to crashes, they have reported a wide range of issues.

In a recent video, YouTuber Tabor Hill admitted that the Bushy’s Bulb back bling has triggered performance issues. He said:

“Ever since I unlocked this back bling, my game has been nothing but glitched. I’ve had tons of frame issues, I’ve had tons of stuttering, and more importantly, I’ve had tons of crashes.”

Countless players have reported similar problems related to FPS drops and crashes. Fortnite is known for offering great performance but Bushy’s Bulb made it unplayable for many.

Having said that, Epic Games hasn’t disclosed the reason behind disabling Bushy’s Bulb officially. Also, you can still unlock it through the Vibin’ quests.

Bushy's Bulb backbling Fortnite
Bushy’s Bulb backbling in Fortnite

Bushy’s Bulb is a reward for completing Part 2 of the Vibin’ quests. These quests basically revolve around The Scientist who is actively trying to study the growth of the Reality Tree.

Considering that the performance issues were glaring as well as recurring, it is safe to assume that Bushy’s Bulb won’t be available in Fortnite for some weeks. The cosmetic is clearly game-breaking and needs a lot of improvement.

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Fortnite glitch in Season 3 makes loopers invincible

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 finally has a ‘god mode’ glitch that makes players immune to opponents, bullets, and all sorts of damage.



Fortnite players can use rideable animals like Boars and Wolves to become invisible and eventually, invincible. Here’s a quick guide to performing this unusual glitch in Chapter 3 Season 3.

Even AAA titles like Fortnite struggle to get completely rid of bugs and glitches. The community has discovered a ton of bugs related to XP and other mechanics in Chapter 3 Season 3. The latest addition to this list can help players in winning every game with ease.

How to get invisible and unbeatable in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

YouTuber GKI recently confirmed that it’s possible for loopers to get unstoppable in Fortnite by following these steps:

  • Tame an animal (boar/wolf) and start riding it. Animals become rideable as soon as you land on their back.
  • Enter a vehicle while sitting on the animal and keep it close to the boar/wolf. Switch to the passenger seat and choose the option to ride the animal without leaving the car.
  • Go away from the vehicle and after covering some distance, double jump.

It is worth noting that players on keyboard and mouse might not be able to move after moving from the passenger seat to the animal in the second step. Accordingly, GKI has used a controller to trigger the glitch.

After performing the double jump in the third step, you will levitate in the air and opponents won’t be able to see you. However, holding the exit button will teleport the character back to the car.

Rideable wolf in Fortnite
Wolves are now rideable in Fortnite!

As it turns out, there are many glitches related to cars and rideable animals in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. If you switch car seats while riding an animal, the character glitches in a manner that opponents won’t be able to spot their head.

Even though players won’t be able to move when the aforementioned glitch launches them in the air, being unseeable is still a massive advantage in a Battle Royale title.

The glitch can be clearly exploited and loopers should try it at their own risk. If they ruin the experience of others in the lobby, there’s a high possibility that Epic Games will ban them.

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Fortnite Armored Wall glitch lets players get 100,000 XP instantly

The poor state of XP in Fortnite Season 3 has compelled players to rely on glitches. Here’s one Armored Wall glitch that grants 100,000 XP.



Fortnite XP glitch

A glitch in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 allows loopers to place infinite Armored Walls. They can use this to complete the 20 stages of a milestone and get 100,000 XP.

Fortnite players have been struggling to level up their Battle Pass in Chapter 3 Season 3. As opposed to the previous few seasons, the current XP system isn’t rewarding at all.

Accordingly, it is common for loopers to exploit glitches and immediately get some XP. Even though XP glitches are usually found in Creative, a YouTuber has discovered a bug in the standard Battle Royale modes.

How to get 100,000 XP in Fortnite with infinite Armored Walls

There’s a spot near Sleepy Sound on the Chapter 3 Season 3 island where loopers can place Armored Walls endlessly. Before jumping to the details, readers must note that Armored Walls are only available in modes with building enabled.

YouTuber GKI visited the location in a recent video and confirmed the glitch. Players first need to break the rocks as well as the existing stone wall. Thereafter, they must place an Armored Wall.

Fortnite XP glitch location
You can place infinite Armored Walls on this location in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

As it turns out, the game won’t reduce the number of the Armored Walls in your inventory. GKI had five walls upon arrival and left the location with the same number (and a ton of free XP).

There’s an XP milestone in Chapter 3 Season 3 that requires players to ‘Hit Weakpoints’. While breaking structures with the harvesting tool, you will find a red circle with a white/blue border. This is the structure’s weak point and helps in breaking it more effeciently.

Weak point in Fortnite
A weak point in Fortnite

An Armored Wall in Fortnite has 2,500 HP and it takes over 10 weak point hits to break it. You simply need to aim towards the red marker and swing the pickaxe.

Hence, with infinite Armored Walls, the ‘Hit Weakpoints’ milestone can be completed effortlessly. It has 20 stages that grant 5,000 XP each, implying that the total XP output is 100,000.

Can you get banned for using XP glitches in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

Glitches have been common in Fortnite for a long time, and Chapter 3 Season 3 is no exception. While some glitches are game-breaking, others are basically harmless and can be exploited without ruining the experience of others.

XP glitches fall under the second category as players can use them for their own advantage without affecting anyone in the community. Accordingly, Epic Games has never banned anyone for doing them.

Having said that, it is safe to assume that the developers will patch the aforementioned glitch soon. Anyone who’s yet to complete the Hit Weakpoints milestone should visit Sleepy Sound quickly.

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