Fortnite might be a fun game, but it’s not always a perfectly balanced experience. Tfue explains why he thinks Fortnite’s building and gunplay isn’t well suited to Solos.

Solo modes in Battle Royale games are tricky to get right. Many titles struggle with passive players being able to win simply by shooting unsuspecting enemies in the back or other ‘cheap’ methods of survival.

Fortnite solved this issue with its building mechanics, but now the game’s mechanics are starting to break down. Many of Fortnite’s core mechanics are starting to show serious need of improvement as players get better and better at abusing design mishaps.

Fortnite’s building gameplay works well in Duos/Squads as you can pressure multiple points of enemy structures and force gunfights. Fortnite is still a shooter after all.

However, in Solos, the fast pace of Turbo-Building and RNG controlled counters to passive players in 1×1 boxes can be extremely frustrating to deal with.

FaZe Clan’s Tfue ran into the perfect example of this happening in Arena Solos. The clip is courtesy of Daily Clips Central on Youtube, starts at 0:15 and continues until 2:15 in the video.

You can be the most avid defender of everything about Fortnite’s building (we would recommend considering nuance if you are) and this clip would still infuriate you.

Due to the speed at which players can replace builds, players can extend fights into 2-3 minutes engagements where neither player actually out-skills the other. The attacking player must try to expend the defending player’s resources…but what if you don’t have enough ammo?

As Tfue put it when a fan asked him how to counter this type of passive gameplay, “the answer is you don’t.”

We understand that people like the building in Fortnite and Tfue isn’t suggesting that it be removed from the game. Rather, he wants to see consistently obtainable ways to counter this that are not based on RNG.

Turtling in Solos can be extremely frustrating to deal with

The problem isn’t nearly as prevalent in Duos/Squads because the counter is just good teamwork, but you can’t teamwork in Solos.

The proper counters for 1×1 campers are the Stink Bombs and explosive weapons like Dynamite. But we’ve come to the same problem as many times before, those counters are based completely on RNG loot.

Both casual and competitive players don’t enjoy being forced to expend all of their ammo to attempt to remove a camper. A nerf to building speeds or material pools in Solos would help solve the issue. Nothing insane or drastic, reasonable nerfs only.

In a shooter, the players should have to gunfight within 10-30 seconds of engaging in combat. Otherwise, players can simply delay fights and camp until the attacker is forced to push due to bad RNG. In these situations, the meme “just build lul” becomes a reality.

What’s your opinion on the issue or do you even think it is an issue? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.