While Epic has made a lot of great moves with Fortnite recently, an old feature is still annoying Tfue.

Everyone has been in a situation where they pinged somebody who had shields. Usually, it happens and you try to follow up with another shot.

But in some situations, the animation that comes with a shield breaking can actually cause problems when you try to follow up.

This animation cost Tfue a crucial elimination in a game recently and the (former?) FaZe superstar went to the replay to show what is so annoying about this situation:

Tfue explains exactly why the shield bug is annoying from r/FortNiteBR

In this clip, we can see Tfue land a nice shot which causes a blue fog to surround his opponent. In normal speed, this only happens in a brief instant but when slowed down we can really see the impact this can have for a player.

Most of us don’t react quick enough to have this play a key part in our games but with top players that second of visibility lost can be impactful.

Unlike a lot of bugs which aren’t meant to be in the game and can be patched, this is an issue with an animation itself.

That should up it on Epic’s priority list for things to fix as the fog doesn’t really add anything to the game and can cause potential problems.

You could make the argument that the fog is by design to obscure the player with a shield but Epic has never actually commented on that being a function of shields.

Does this fog on a shot annoy you when you play? Or is this another case of a streamer making a big deal out of nothing?

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