Hitting a long snipe in Fortnite is – and will always be – one of the most satisfying moments in the game.

But finding a good place to snipe from has become increasingly difficult as the seasons have gone on. Added mobility has made snipers come under more danger as opponents are able to close the gap quickly and increased skill in building has left fewer players unprotected for snipers.

However, sometimes good spots are hiding in plain site and that was the situation for Cloakzy and Tfue in a recent game.

The problem with super high sniping vantage points is that you are easy to see and even easier to bring down, but what if your opponents couldn’t see you?

It turns out the smoke from the meteor provides some amazing coverage for snipers who can still see out from some angles.

Now this bird’s nest won’t be easy to use. You only have partial visibility of the surrounding area and any snipe you can line up will be super hard to pull off.

But in the hands of two of the best shooters in all of Fortnite, this vantage point must seem crazy OP, especially to the person in the build who got taken out.

Be careful though, as Tfue warns players can easily walk off their build as it can be difficult to see in the comet. I just wish we had a clip from the opponent’s point of view to see if they could spot the build leading into the smoke.

If done the right way, this would be a hilarious way to play a game of Fortnite with some mates.

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