The Fortnite World Cup was an intense competition and it didn’t go as well as Tfue would have hoped.

At one point the winningest Fortnite player of all time, Tfue has tumbled from the top a bit but he still solo qualified for the World Cup.

Him and Cloak were unable to duo qualify, although they came very close in some weeks. Cloak has said that was partially because of the massive size of Tfue’s audience which made them a prime candidate for stream snipers during their qualification window.

Well that audience size may have hurt Tfue in the World Cup too. Even though he finished in a lackluster 67th place (7 points), he still had the World Cup broadcast following him at some key points.

In a recent stream, he talked about how the casters talking about him alerted an opponent and prevented him from getting a kill.

“How the World Cup was set up, it’s loud as fuck. They have noise-cancelling headphones but it is so fuckin loud that you can still hear the announcers. I’m early game at The Block, I’m getting kitted. I landed on the gold chest obviously I have better loot than this guy. This guy lands at The Block, we’re both looting up.

“The announcers are blasting the mic ‘tfue at the block, a full shield, a scar, a combat shotgun this and that,’ all you see is the other kid just hitting the wall, then he just turns around and leaves. He heard it, middle of hitting a wall and the kid just fuckin leaves The Block and dips.”

And the video from the World Cup backs him up. The other player at The Block was Clipnode and he just straight up leaves right as they were starting to loot the area.

Tfue may have been underselling the announcers too. They didn’t just comment on a couple weapons, they ran down his entire loadout, him having a bunch of materials, what he is swapping, all of it.

While it is just one kill and wouldn’t have really made a difference in the standings, it still has to be annoying if you are Tfue. A much larger impact on his performance had to be the stress of dealing with his ongoing lawsuit against FaZe Clan, it has to be hard to focus in the midst of a legal battle.

That battle got even messier when FaZe counter-sued Tfue in a NY court right after the World Cup.

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      • For me he is a douche, but stil, you cannot say for sure he would only win a place more, mentality and feels play a lot of importance in a br. one kill at the begining can lift your spirit up after a lost and can influence the entire game.. Hearing the casters fucking you up like that can be a blow to the morale.. but yeah, who cares, a lot of others players deserve a win more than him..

  1. Who knows what could have happened if Tfue eliminated Clipnode. The entire game would have been different if the casters didn’t say the load outs.

  2. Tfue bro one kill would make no difference. Also what was with his horrible vest during worlds it was like leopard print or something.

    • Ur a fucking dumbass. Read the fucking title then complain bout people’s comment u pussy, you will know what I meant by ‘he is right’

      • Shut yo ignorant ass up. I read the title. And guess what? He still would have lost even if the commentators were mute you fucking retard! He’s not good compared to a lot of other people out there. He’s just popular. So shut the fuck up trying to disrespect someone when yo stupid ass don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!

      • And I wasn’t even replying to you, you fucking prick! I made my own comment and you replied to me. Fuck outta here douchebag!

      • I have seen ur posts and not only can I come to the conclusion you would suck Tfue but I could also conclude that you are 9

  3. Tfue tries to idiotically justify his loss of shit, money or kills, and he looks so damn pathetic trying. I hope that counter due really fucks his ass up. I swear all of his fans are also fucking idiots. Guaranteed they would love to suck his chode while he belittles the fuck out of his fans and the fans will just reply back with “yes daddy” fucking inbreds.

    • have you seen the took so much money from him and casters cost him a kill he dosent care about the caster kill it would of just been annoying but i suggest before calling tfue an idiot you get the full side of the story

  4. People don’t understand how BR games work. If by any chance that one guy was the reason Bugha won (eg if Clipnode ended up eliminating someone who could have eliminated Bugha) Y’all would’ve had a different champion.

  5. As far as this scenario goes, yeah it really doesn’t have much bearing on the results of his placement. But the point is that people are essentially getting call-outs for specific players and their specific load outs in high-stake games. It’s like a game of poker where your hand gets called out every now and again.


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